Maskachusetts: #Science says your backyard BBQ is illegal, but cram 150 people into a tent is okay if someone pays

An event planner whom we know says that she’s been super busy late. “People had planned backyard weddings, but they’re illegal so they’re going to pay to hold them here.” Her venue is a McMansion-sized house and a big tent with sides that come down during inclement weather. “I can have up to 150 people in the tent. It doesn’t make sense to me since a lot of these people have yards that are huge, but it is good for business.”

From the Maskachusetts State of Emergency page, which links to an appendix to Order #63:


  • Marie Antoinette of Covid: “Why is it a maximum of 10 people,” our hostess wondered, “regardless of the size of the house? Shouldn’t it be adjusted for square footage?”

4 thoughts on “Maskachusetts: #Science says your backyard BBQ is illegal, but cram 150 people into a tent is okay if someone pays

  1. Meanwhile in NYC all the restaurants (that still exist) have constructed plywood and plexiglass shacks in one of the traffic lanes since presumably according to regulations “dining” in a wood and plexiglass shack is permitted while sitting inside a restaurant is restricted — I lost track of the degree to which it is restricted. Young people seem to think it is a great idea to spend lots of money to sit in one of these shacks with your coat on and eat. People over the age of say 50 seem to have largely abandoned the city. Just who is left to pay the taxes is anyone’s guess.

    • Jack: Residents of efficient unlocked states will pay New York’s bills! talks about this. States that are locked down and in which residents stay home to collect welfare get way more of the $1.9 trillion than states in which people shrugged off COVID-19 and went to work. It is a huge misallocation of resources if you think about it. The places from which people moved will get $$. The places to which people moved (and therefore which need more roads, schools, etc.) will not get $$.

    • The blue-state bailout is simply massive opportunity for graft.

      That was the whole purpose of COVID lockdowns / election fraud two-step dance.

  2. Yes, quite true. Seems that under the guise of infrastructure spending the more efficient states will bail out the less efficient states — but that that would happen was pretty obvious before the election. So here in NYC according to the Manhattan Institute it costs the taxpayer about $195,000 for each policeman on the force. And lots of NYC municipal employees are paid around a quarter of a mil annually.
    One might have hoped for a day of reckoning like in 1975 when the Ford administration refused to bail out NYC (In the famous Daily News headline, “Ford Tells City: Drop Dead”) and the City was forced to restructure under able leadership. But that does not seem in the cards this time.

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