How to run a quota-based operation in a transgender-friendly manner?

Pilot friends are still talking about the new United Airlines training operation in which half of the slots are reserved for people who fall into one or more victimhood categories (white women, Black men, anyone “of color”, etc.; see Fly the Quota Skies).

I’m a little confused as to how this can operate in a world where we recognize that gender ID, and therefore victimhood group membership, is fluid, transitory, and unmoored to our DNA and anatomy.

Suppose that Larry Localizer identifies as a “white male” through age 18. She decides, shortly before applying to train/work at United Airlines, that Loretta Localizer is a better fit for her current gender ID. If questioned, Loretta says “I am large, I contain multitudes [of gender IDs].” Loretta qualifies under whatever reduced standards United has for the “quota half” of the pool and is admitted. When she arrives on campus, however, she says “Call me Larry. I experienced some gender dysphoria over the summer and now I identify as a man.”

Now United’s carefully chosen mixture of trainees is messed up due to an excess of student pilots identifying as white males. I can see how a skin color-based quota system could work, assuming that applicants are denied the use of makeup or tanning beds, because United could apply an objective test with a color temperature meter. But how does a quota system based on gender ID work at an employer that #FollowsScience regarding LGBTQ?

United Airlines supports the “Transgender Law Center”, from which they might be hearing if they were to terminate Loretta/Larry due to her/his/zis/their gender fluidity.


  • “What it means to be gender-fluid” (CNN): For some people, gender is not just about being male or female; in fact, how one identifies can change every day or even every few hours. Gender fluidity, when gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine, can be displayed in how we dress, express and describe ourselves. [and how we apply for jobs at United!] Everyone’s gender exists on a spectrum, according to Dot Brauer, director of the LGBTQA Center at the University of Vermont. Progressive gender expression is the norm for the university, which offers gender-neutral bathrooms and allows students to use their preferred names.
  • “What Does It Mean to Be Gender Fluid? Here’s What Experts Say” (, reminding us to listen to “experts”): Because gender fluidity means not having a fixed, single sense of your gender, that gender could shift over time—during the course of a day, weeks, months, or years. “Whatever form gender fluidity takes, it is important to remember that it is a valid gender identity. It is not being flaky or ‘going through a phase,’” says Eckler. “So many other aspects of ourselves ebb and flow and shift that it only makes sense that our gender can, too.”
  • Facebook uses a Malibu-flying engineering manager to promote careers in engineering… (in which Facebook sends a pilot who identified as a “man” for 51 years to show teenagers identifying as “women” how easy it is to succeed in the world of nerds)

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  1. There is a similar problem for identifying bisexuals. Maybe a heterosexual cis-gender man once went thru a phase where he was open to being attracted to a same-sex relationship. Would he qualify as bisexual?

  2. I hear Brazil has a lot of expertise and experts in the racial composition testing area. Maybe they can help set up some labs for the United (and the federales) to weed out whit(ish) impostors.

    “they issued guidelines about how to measure lip size, hair texture and nose width” and “race tribunals were made mandatory for all government jobs”

  3. Hard drugs don’t hurt anybody.
    Marijuana helps people think and feel better.
    Gender is not a matter of biology.
    Marriage is not between a man and a woman.
    Millions upon millions of new immigrants on welfare are not a replacement.
    Unrestrained fiscal malfeasance doesn’t matter.
    The robots are not coming for your job.
    America is a racist system.
    Guns must be banned.
    Entertainment media does not influence behavior.
    Our science is advanced, powerful and predictive.
    Health care is effective, efficient and cost-effective.
    The Internet makes people happier.
    Our institutions are trustworthy.
    Our country is strong.
    Taking things from people who legitimately own them is justice.
    An Ivy League education is worth a lot more than $500,000.

  4. Here are a few more:

    COVID caused more excess deaths in 2020 than occurred in 2017.
    Government lockdown are not political.
    Freedoms are by fiat and can be rescinded indefinitely through executive orders.
    We are not overproducing elites for their own benefit.
    Natural rights do not exist.
    Service-and-tech. based economies are better and more resilient than manufacturing ones.
    The Greatness of America is capitalist false consciousness.
    Capitalism makes people’s lives worse.
    Forest management doesn’t work to prevent fires but rolling blackouts do.
    We do not have too many crimes or too many lawyers.
    Modern Social Science and Psychology are useful, descriptive and efficient tools for problems.
    Burdening future generations with unpayable debt is moral.
    Modern Monetary Theory works.
    Central planning allows individuals to succeed and achieve.
    Government programs do not primarily serve to enrich the administrators.
    Falling educational competency means we should keep kids out of school longer.
    A nation without borders with welfare for all is humane, moral and sustainable.
    A nation of increasingly illiterate people with no common history is a good society.
    Computers and phones help children learn better in primary education especially.
    China is a force for good in the world and wishes us no harm.
    Russia is an even bigger force for good and wishes us even less harm.
    The stock market is not a supercharged gambling casino based on leverage and whimsy.
    We are going to terraform Mars soon and millions of people will live happily there.

    • @Zoinks, you missed a few important ones.

      Trump becoming president was a catastrophic mistake and a puzzle to Americans and the world.
      Americans, averaging 38 y/o, put their trust in 78 y/o Biden to lead them.

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