Shopping in Concord, Massachusetts: Bring your Mask

“In consideration of the health and safety of our employees and guests who have not been fully vaccinated, Masks are Required AT ALL TIMES Inside the Cheese Shop.”

Vaccinations have been widely available for two months here in Maskachusetts. There will always be those who aren’t vaccinated, however, either because they #DenyScience, have an unusual medical situation, are infants (though maybe the vaccine can be given right as a baby is coming out?), etc. Therefore, doesn’t this sign translate to “masks now, masks tomorrow, masks forever”?

#AbundanceOfCaution was the general rule for the shopping district. Although the governor’s 69 orders no longer require masks, the merchants have stepped in with their own unconditional mask requirements:

The ultimate expression of caution is to close the retail store altogether:

All photos from June 8.

A few sights on the way to/from this shopping experience… a group of preschool children, age 2 and 3, marching outdoors in masks. It was 93 degrees out. A neighbor with a zoning-minimum 2-acre lot (welcome the undocumented so long as they can afford a $1 million vacant lot on which to build a $1 million structure) riding a lawnmower… in a surgical mask.

11 thoughts on “Shopping in Concord, Massachusetts: Bring your Mask

  1. The democratic party is finally catching up with science & allowing Calif* to go maskless, in another week. Lions never shop anywhere but grocery stores so small businesses who still require masks may just need more economic stimulus packages.

    • I think you’re just catching up. California has been “maskless” for the vaccinated for almost a month now. That, however, doesn’t stop private businesses from imposing their own guidelines.

  2. Thank you for the photos. Now when I think of “Cheesy” and “Ridiculous” the terms will be neurosynaptically glued to the Concord Cheese Shop. That’s just my mind, other people will “think different.” I’m sure they have really nice cheese. It’s too bad they have to live their lives like this – but they’ve done it to themselves, so there’s no convincing them otherwise. They’re the New Revolutionaries, as the University of Massachusetts, Amherst will proudly attest.

    • Also, I’ll take a wild guess and say that the patrons and owners of the Concord Cheese Shop are birds of a feather with a certain kind of high IQ who listen to NPR, and they’re hearing the advertisements about the shops in New York State and in Great Barrington who also sell boutique products like this, to upscale and educated “anti-consumer” connoisseurs who also talk about how they’re still wearing masks.

      As you know, there’s nothing like peer review and approval as a positive feedback mechanism to enshrine mediocrity.

  3. Mask signs are up everywhere here in New York, but a lot of people ignore them. The snootier the place, the more strict the enforcement. Bars still make a cage, no matter how brightly gilded.

    Have you tried not wearing a mask, until someone asks you to put one on? Such petty scofflawing is what revolutions are made of.

  4. Mask usage is down to 40% at Mall of NH in Manchestah, down from 60% over Memorial Day. Only four stores still have mandatory masking: Apple, Xfinity (Comcast), Victoria’s Secret, and Old Navy (Gap).

    I tested my hypothesis that Trump-voting Salem would have lower rates of mask usage. Wrong! Mask usage was closer to 70% in that border town. It turns out that proximity to Maskachusetts is more important than the local voting patterns. Come for the low taxes, stay for the muzzles!

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