Victimhood Certification Industry

Here’s a form recently received as part of getting set up to be paid by a private corporation.

Some highlights…

We embrace the minority, women, small business and LGBT businesses we partner with in the mutual goal of delivering superior quality and service to our customers while assuring future growth for both parties. We are required by a number of our customers to report our Diversity spend dollars.

The next page:

This is the part that caught my eye.

Suppliers must submit current and renewal MBE/WBE/LGBT/DOBE certificates

The victimhood certification enterprises must be engaged regularly (annually?) to renew victimhood certificates. This is an annuity!

Separately, I wonder how the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) determines that a business owner or shareholder is truly LGBTQIA+ and how their process is superior to self-certification as LGBTQIA+. Will there be a Barbra Streisand (2016: “I’ll move to Australia or Canada if Trump is president”) quiz for the would-be LGBTQIA+ person, as in the movie In & Out?

Peter: What was Barbra Streisand’s eighth album?

Howard: Color Me Barbra.

Peter: Stud!

Howard: Everybody knows that!

Peter: Everybody where? The little gay bar on the prairie?

10 thoughts on “Victimhood Certification Industry

    • Agree, it is shocking we’ve agreed that contracts should get awarded based partly on how the owners get their sexual gratification.

    • @CalSK: I’ve been left-handed my entire life, and in reality that’s been a real hindrance (particularly in elementary school when I was learning how to write with ink pens, because I would smear everything unless I used a really good pen): the world is really designed for right-handed people. The ENTER key on my keyboard, for example, is on the right side, and only on the right side. Door handles and most other devices that are ergonomically engineered have been built for “righties” and I run into them every day, from can openers to user interfaces. If LGBTQIA+ can get special treatment for where they prefer to put their genitals for fun and profit, I want a carve out too.

    • @CalSK: One of my favorite AR-15 manufacturers, Stag Arms, was one of the first and best manufacturers of left-handed ARs and components, but I still can’t get the gubmint or anyone else to recognize us as a victim group for contracting purposes. However I can assure you that it is much more comfortable to shoot a rifle that matches your handedness.

    • @CalSK: And I’m sorry if I’m kind of “beating this to death” tonight but this was so fortuitously timed I just had post it. Tonight I was out for a drive and spotted this victim of oppression and repression in a local gas station parking lot. Obviously, folks like this need every special carve-out and form of extra support they can get in order to feel free to express their identity, let others know about their sexual preferences, and where they like to hang out on the beach to absorb all those Beach Boy Good Vibrations. This is so they can compete in the market of ideas, the job market, and as entrepreneurs. The little sticker on the lower driver’s side rear window reads: “Martha’s Vineyard.”

    • @CalSK:

      Finally, from the MA newswires tonight: Eversource power had an undersea cable feeding the Vineyard go south and people on that island had to suffer through approximately 5 minutes of lost power. To make sure that doesn’t happen again, they are bringing in 15 backup generators – most certainly *not* in the cargo hold of John Kerry’s sailing vessel.

      “All approximately 225 customers who briefly lost power restored power in fewer than five minutes. The open shore liability for residents, businesses, and visitors alike to make the necessary repairs to the submarine cable, we are taking the extra precaution of bringing 15 extra backup generators to Martha’s Vineyard. These extra generators will be able to provide 28 megawatts of backup generation to the Island if needed…Hagerty said the town is reaching out to AT&T as well due to temporary loss of cell phone service.”

      These are oppressed victims, man. They’re f***ked.

  1. Remember the Westboro Baptist Church? Modern clown world is showing their messaging was truth. They tried to warn us and we mocked them.
    Everyday my envy of the Amish community increases.

  2. You recycling your Orborne 1 into a plastic container? Plastic containers from minority owned suppliers keep the food fresher, you know.

  3. Is WeConnect part of the We Charity organization that was involved in patronage scandal in Canada? Rqising money to open a school in Kenya, same school, more than once, etc?

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