Focusing on race and racism just makes the problem worse. (true or false?)

A friend who works at Mass General Brigham, the largest non-government employer in Maskachusetts, was told that he/she/ze/they (to protect this person’s identify, I won’t specify gender ID) must complete anti-racism training in order to keep his/her/zir/their job:

One or two questions in, he/she/ze/they found the following screen as part of a pre-training screening questionnaire:

Suppose that he/she/ze/they believes it is true that “Focusing on race and racism just makes the problem worse”? It turns out that this is not merely a Deplorable opinion, but is factually incorrect:

What if the Deplorable employee persists in this heretical incorrect belief? The software will not allow him/her/zim/them to proceed to the next question or the rest of the training. In other words, the employee will be fired from his/her/zir/their job if he/she/ze/they refuses to acknowledge that “Focusing on race and racism just makes the problem worse” is false.

Vaguely related… “More Medical Boards Warn Against Spreading COVID Vax Falsehoods” (MedPage Today):

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) issued a joint statement Thursday supporting the Federation of State Medical Boards, which warned physicians in early August that their licenses could be taken away or otherwise sanctioned by state boards if they disseminated misinformation about the COVID vaccines.

Baron explained that pediatricians publicly saying that vaccines are unsafe for kids is one reason why the boards came together to issue this statement. “That’s a real problem,” he said.

A doctor could be excommunicated if he/she/ze/they doesn’t hide his/her/zir/their copies of English newspapers, e.g., “Teenage boys more at risk from vaccines than Covid” (Telegraph (UK)): “Young males are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems after being jabbed than be hospitalised from coronavirus, study finds”, and “Scientists not backing Covid jabs for 12 to 15-year-olds” (BBC, 9/3/2021).

Not only does a doctor have to follow science in order to keep his/her/zir/their job, but he/she/ze/they must follow American science rather than British science.

Update: My work-from-home friend was ultimately fired for refusing to accept the latest COVID-19 booster shot. See New York Times considers a forbidden point of view on diversity training.

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  1. In the 1990s it was normal to watch Black TV series and movies with Black actors in Europe. We never gave it any thought: Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington etc. were just actors like Richard Gere. No one gave a damn about race.

    During that time Morgan Freeman said in an interview: “Stop talking about it [race].” He also advised not to blame others and “get on a bus and move” if anyone experienced actual racism.

    Now race is suddenly very important. Morgan Freeman is canceled ( and white consultants like Di Angelo (CRT with flagellation advice) get rich from stoking the flames and introducing segregation again.

    Corporations love it, because the enjoy subjecting employees to illogical brain washing. Everyone in management knows that this is a load of codswallop. Having to assert falsehoods like in the dialogue you posted humiliates employees and makes them more malleable.

  2. College seniors are probably also better off without it (from a rational persepctive). Perhaps he could try suing the manufacturer, LOL. But it’s not really about health:

    And a kindly British pro-vax doctor (John Campbell) is uncharacteristically upset at Australian government forbidding doctors from prescribing ivermectin:

  3. More c19 science: in Oregon the c19 crisis has gotten so bad that the governor has activated their National Guard to work in hospitals! (work cutting the lawn; but its totally got nothing to do with paying groundskeepers more to stay home receiving relief funds than what they would earn at their job):

  4. > … Young males are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems

    New paper (not yet peer reviewed) observed heart problems in “approximately 10 cases for every 10,000 inoculations.” So with 2 shots, that’s 1 in 500 odds?


  5. I combined the two posts from the “Wadding Up….” thread so the Moderator can delete them.

    There’s no escape: I’ve been here/done this before. The only way through is to go all the way to the Ninth Circle and admit that you are a racist, sexist, homophobe and white privileged. And just pushing buttons on a screen is not going to be enough. Without tangible penalties, a real effort to reform yourself, visible proof and validation of said reform, and continued devotion to your permanent lifelong status, you will be excommunicated. I had all this happen to me more than 20 years ago, when it was all being set up. I tried to warn people. Nobody listened to me.

    Another fun Law School story: At one point, they had to hire a bunch of new Legal Writing professors because a bunch of the old ones quit in protest after they were denied a raise. I think they deserved a raise, because they worked harder than most of the professors did, by far: the students coming out of undergraduate College quite often did not know how to write, read, spell or do research well enough to be 1Ls. Be that as it may, a new group of LW instructors was duly recruited (for a bit more money) and one of them was Black (actually two, but I’m focusing on just one.) He was a bit of a casual dresser to better identify with some of his students, so that he didn’t look too intimidating to them. He often wore a Hoodie and jeans to work.

    Well, one night I was in the building rather late finishing up the day’s work for my very activist Dean (who always had a lot more plates in the air than she could really keep spinning) and so was he. A couple of days earlier while he stayed late one night decorating his new office, someone on the faculty had *call the police* on him, because they saw: “Black Guy Walking Down Hall In Professor Office Section Of Law School In Evening After Doors Are Locked Wearing A Hoodie Must Be Bad News.” He was a little upset by that, I can’t really blame him. The person who called the police had not been found and had not come forward when it was discovered: “Oh, that’s just one of the new Legal Writing Instructors.”

    That night, given those circumstances, he took an unusual interest in the fact that I was there late. He asked me what I was doing. Then he walked up to me and placed his body so that his face was approximately 2 inches from mine – uncomfortably close for almost any social situation. He spoke directly into my face: “You heard anything about who called the cops on me the other night?” I said: “I haven’t heard a thing, man. But I’ll tell you what: it wasn’t me.”

    Two days later one of the professors finally stepped up and admitted it was them. Constitutional Law. White. Jewish. Very much in favor of Diversity and a big supporter of the new Assistant Dean for Diversity the University had just hired. Also scared to death of actual Black people, at least when she was alone in her #SafeSpace.

  6. I’m working on a long poem about the media and our entire situation recently, as best I can, because I’m no poet, but I did at least read Dr. Seuss in his unfiltered and uncensored form as a child, so I’m giving it my best try. It takes some inspiration to put the pieces together, I have to have the “flow” working, but here’s one prototype stanza. I hope to have all the rest in ship shape by the end of the weekend. With apologizes to Dr. Seuss and everyone else:


    It sure doesn’t seem fair
    When you toil through the night
    To convince the fence-sitters
    That your views are all right
    When they’ll just wave you off with an eyerolling huff:
    “Hey, you’re just one guy!”
    “And you’re stuff’s just a bluff!”

  7. How bad is unconscious racism in Europe? So bad that the propaganda picture of the German Green party for the upcoming elections only features one “white ” “man” who might potentially be even straight!

    Note that “Clit”, “Antifa”, “BLM” are very important in Europe as well! The German text on the “white” sheet says: “Houses should belong to those who live in them.” (I presume that this is not a program to increase home ownership, since that would imply private property.)

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