New York Times considers a forbidden point of view on diversity training

Loyal readers may remember a post from September 2021: Focusing on race and racism just makes the problem worse. (true or false?) My friend was forced to disagree with the proposition “Focusing on race and racism just makes the problem worse” in order to keep her job with a big Maskachusetts health care system. A week ago in the New York Times… “What if Diversity Trainings Are Doing More Harm Than Good?”:

Diversity trainings have been around for decades, long before the country’s latest round of racial reckoning. But after George Floyd’s murder — as companies faced pressure to demonstrate a commitment to racial justice — interest in the diversity, equity and inclusion (D.E.I.) industry exploded. The American market reached an estimated $3.4 billion in 2020.

Though diversity trainings have been around in one form or another since at least the 1960s, few of them are ever subjected to rigorous evaluation, and those that are mostly appear to have little or no positive long-term effects. The lack of evidence is “disappointing,” wrote Elizabeth Levy Paluck of Princeton and her co-authors in a 2021 Annual Review of Psychology article, “considering the frequency with which calls for diversity training emerge in the wake of widely publicized instances of discriminatory conduct.”

But there’s a darker possibility: Some diversity initiatives might actually worsen the D.E.I. climates of the organizations that pay for them.

What happened to my friend? She worked from a home office in a suburban bunker. Lacking faith in the Sacrament of Fauci and having had a bad reaction to her one and only dose of the experimental J&J COVID, she refused to comply with the employer’s demand that she accept the Sacrament of the Bivalent Booster. Although she pointed out that she always worked from home and never came into physical contact with any employees or patients of the health care enterprise, she was fired.

Speaking of Maskachusetts and business commitment to social justice, here’s an office building in Kendall Square, Cambridge, photographed January 13, 2023. The 2SLGBTQQIA+ rainbow flag is the literal foundation of the skyscraper:

9 thoughts on “New York Times considers a forbidden point of view on diversity training

  1. The unholy triad of wokeness:

    1. Whie straight males evil! BIPOC LGQBTQ* must have more rights and freebies! Glory to BLM! Glory to Antifa!

    2. Lock down, mask and jab everyone! Believe in science! Glory to Fauci!

    3. More weapons to Ukraine! Sanctions! Putler! Kill Russians! Slava Ukraini! Sieg Heil!

    When you see one of these, it’s nearly certain you will see the other two.

    By now I’m not sure the woke even qualify as H. sapiens, as no signs of any capacity for thought are apparent. Just herding instinct and mindless repetition.

    • averros, what is more deplorable? Not caring about Black Lives Matter or hoping Russia defeats Ukraine?

    • … or that Fauci goes to jail?
      Not sure, the degrees of deplorableness and virtue shift rather quickly and unpredictably.

      Having read Gramschi, I suspect that this is by design. To stay current and avoid falling into herecy the faithful need to derive their duckspeak from the correct sources (which are perfectly synchronized), and that makes them less exposed to heterodoxy. The internecine infighting is the defining feature of cults, including, notoriously, leftism. Even minor apostasies are punished by ostracism or worse, so the greatest fear of any cult member is to seen as deviating from the current Line of the Party (the good ole Soviet euphemism for the currently correct way of thinking, as proclaimed by High Priesthood of Central Commitee and Holy General Secretary, His visage gracing every office, His words are infallible wisdom, His name is written in Heaven).

      What we are dealing with is a death cult trying to reshape humanity into eusocial anthill populated with masses of interchangeable New Soviet Men, a worker caste which genetically is incapable of any independent thought, leave alone rebellion.

  2. Classic NYT reversal. They keep hyping up a topic for two years, tolerating no dissent. Then someone actually in control realizes that the system will fall apart if the madness continues, and suddenly they write the same as Fox News did in the beginning.

    The used this shtick on COVID, now DEI and will do so on Ukraine in roughly two years.

    • Yep, for all its ideological cover, the Soviet communist regime was surprisingly pragmatic and focused solely on maintaining the Party control. What did Soviets in was ignorance of (probably imposed by the geriatric caste of old Party cadre) of basics of market economy and Austrian school in particular. The primary cause of fall of the USSR was economic calculation problem. (Note that Chinese learned the lesson, thus their embrace of capitalism).

      American socialists are too ideological and believe their own propaganda too much to develop any sense of pragmaticism. If they will win, they will behave just like the early communists in Russia and China – unleashing ideologically-driven destruction of economy followed by unrest and civil war.

  3. I finally pulled the plug on NYT subscription, but ir was for deception : raised my rate without concurrent notification (I’m sure I agreed to an expiration date but don’t remember). Of course, when I unsubscribed they offered the previous rate if If I reconsidered. bye bye NYT

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