How to stop Asian hate for $12

If you’re passionate about #StopAsianHate, you’ll probably want to invest $11.99 in a “Tolerant” wok from IKEA. Photographed October 3, 2021 in Sunrise, Florida:


I proudly showed a Korean-American friend the above photo and told him of my sincere intention to spend $11.99 plus applicable Florida sales tax on this aluminum pan as part of my personal #StopAsianHate plan. His response to my SayGooding? “If it’s not carbon steel, it’s garbage.”

Separately, it would be good to get an FBI investigation going into IKEA’s ties to Vladimir Putin. Note the “Made in Russia” on this entryway table:

7 thoughts on “How to stop Asian hate for $12

  1. In the small-type Spanish product translation of the Tolerant I note the term: ” 13″ negro ”

    I think Dave Chapelle should write some new material by taking an “enhanced” walk through IKEA.

    “That place is a trip! I was over there looking for some cookware and found a stack of 13” negro tolerant woks. I’m thinking I need to open a Chinese restaurant, so I asked the white Swedish woman behind me for her opinion: “What do you think of this 13” negro tolerant wok, because I’m thinking of opening a restaurant? She says: “I’d love to be your first customer!” I’m going back!”

    Only a little more seriously, I haven’t been to IKEA in a while, but I’ve always been amazed by some of the product names and the clumsy transliterations they sometimes evoke. I think they do it (at least partially) for laughs during those boring meetings back in Sweden.

    • I note that IKEA’s website does not have a category for “Oriental Rugs” or “Asian Rugs.” They do have a product called VEDBÄK, described as: “We added a touch of pink in the detailed pattern to create a classic oriental look with a fresh twist. The rug combines easily with many styles and stands the test of time even in the busiest of spaces.”

      I’ve known Asian people who have gone crazy over the innocent use of the word “oriental” – which they’ve alleged was racist and marked the Black person who said it as being a racist. Isn’t “oriental” an inherently problematic word now?

  2. Never figured out the logic of banning BBQ sauce to show tolerance of blacks but promoting woks to show tolerance of asians. The puppet masters who control amerikan brains just make up the rules as they go.

    • They do not make rules – tbey pull them whole from their behinds.

      …and then have party contests so as to who pulled the most inane and obnoxious one. Laughing at stupid hamsters who take all that excreta willingly.

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