New England versus Florida (“wear a mask at your discretion”)

The police in New England will drive out to hassle kids playing soccer outdoors and arrest the unmasked for disorderly conduct (example).

What about their counterparts in the Florida Free State? I went to the Jupiter (Florida) Police Department (brand new palatial building; let’s be grateful to the folks who pay property tax on $10 million houses!) to get fingerprints that I could send to the FBI for a background check that is required for the Portuguese golden visa/passport program (seemingly a better investment every day given the proposals we’re hearing from our rulers in D.C.!). Visitors are told to “Wear a mask at your discretion”. I went into a small room with a guy about my age (i.e., prime target for Delta variant!). He was not wearing a mask.


7 thoughts on “New England versus Florida (“wear a mask at your discretion”)

  1. That link to the Boston Herald story from last July is one of the reasons I hang an N95 from my rear view mirror and keep two others in the center console. I always make sure I wear them at Walmart. Now that we’ve got the vaccines though, and the pandemic is ending just as President Biden promised during his campaign, I think the big question is going to be: “Are you fully vaccinated?” as the gunman questions you in the parking lot.

    Frankly I don’t see any good way out of this without RFID chips in people’s necks, as you have proposed on many occasions. That way everyone can walk through a scanner and prove their “fully vaccinated” status whenever needed.

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