Earth Day: Pinterest will help heal our planet?

Happy Earth Day, especially to those who live in single-family houses and drive SUVs!

This would be a great day to post a photo of your pavement-melting Ford Bronco to Pinterest, which will happily collect ad revenue from photographs of lavish consumption that burns the Earth’s resources. What can’t you post? “Pinterest announces ban on all climate misinformation” (Guardian, 4/6/2022):

Pinterest is to block all climate misinformation, as the image-focused social network seeks to limit the spread of false and misleading claims.

Under the new policy the site is committing to take down content that distorts or denies the facts of the climate crisis, whether posted as adverts or normal “organic” content.

Pinterest is defining misinformation broadly: the company will take down content that denies the existence or effects of climate change or its human causes, as well as content that “misrepresents scientific data” in order to erode trust in climate science and harmful, false or misleading content about natural disasters and extreme weather events.

Would it be possible to thrive on Pinterest posting photos of a soft-on-the-Earth lifestyle? Would there be a lot of users and ad revenue if a person posted pictures of his/her/zir/their one-bedroom apartment, 5-year-old bicycle, and donation of all surplus income to a tree-planting enterprise? The first result that I stumbled on after searching for “home” on Pinterest is 6,200 square feet:

A lot of what drives people to consume more is envy and shame-avoidance, right? If Pinterest wants to help the Earth, wouldn’t the correct course of action be shutting down Pinterest so that people would be more likely to be happy with what they already have?

8 thoughts on “Earth Day: Pinterest will help heal our planet?

  1. “Hypocrite” is a middle name of every single virtue-signaling corporate leftist. Silicon Valley is absolutely overrun with these.

  2. It’s basically a ban on anything they don’t approve of or which remotely isn’t green. Saying Redspun instead of Greenspun could be outlawed for blasphemy. Interestingly, the goog shows a lot less pinterest results when searching for photos than it used to.

  3. > Pinterest is to block all climate misinformation,

    Does that mean Pinterest will block the latest NOAA temperature data? 25 years ago 1200 weather stations reported temperature data, today there are less than 800. Yet NOAA keeps generating data for the missing 400 using computer models (ie: fake data). But even faking 1/3 of the data wasn’t enough to hide the temperature decline over the last 7 years measured by satellites, so in their latest report NOAA has allegedly faked or adjusted 100% of all their surface data in 2022:

  4. Today is Earth Day? Here at my Big Company (TM) every day is some sort of a DEI day (Diversity Equity and Inclusion). Today’s especial is “Feminspiration panel discussion”.

    Either someone at my BC doesn’t know how to spell or Google doesn’t believe in “Feminspiration”.

  5. The New Republic must be running Pinterest. The past couple days of their emails have oscillated back and forth between lamenting how cool Earth Day “used to be” and how it’s Apocalypse Soon.

    So much so that they’re offering free reading until April 29. We could also be in the middle of a major COVID spike and not even know it. Marie LePen is an ‘ecofascist.’ And there’s no evidence that masks harm kids developmentally, so your mask objections for kids are all just fuckin’ HOOEY according to the Big Brains at TNR.!mktg_earth_day

    I think you’ve been TOLD now! TO THE GULAG.

  6. “Happy Earth Day, especially to those who live in single-family houses and drive SUVs!

    I am not sure how the Green New Deal types reconcile unlimited immigration from the southern border with Happy Earth Day and melting polar ice caps unless they expect that all the migrants will have a much lighter ecological footprint in single family homes , pavement melting SUVs and hour long commutes.

  7. In the past three years, Kiawah island has experienced island-wide flooding from extreme precipitation events and from storm surges. It’s obviously the misinformation to advertise the properties there

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