Is anyone dumb enough to pay $55 million for a non-waterfront house in our town?

I’ve been watching a $3+ million house in our own neighborhood (see Open house today in our neighborhood) to see what it finally sells for (this could be an official Florida spectator sport?), but now there is a house on the market for $55 million about two miles away. Here’s a photo/rendering revealing that the house is not on the water and does not have a dock, the two pre-lockdown requirements for anyone to pay more than $10 million for a house in Florida:

The house is listed as used, having been built in 2020 (“Property condition: Resale; New construction: No”). The good news is that, according to Zillow, members of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community who have $305,000 per month (estimated) to spend can feel comfortable in this 16,000 square foot home:

There’s a home theater in case you want a wide viewing angle without holding your phone close to your face. The pool looks big enough to host a family of alligators.

Update: Toucan Sam, in a comment below, points out that the house might be largely fictitious! It appears to be 95 percent finished in a satellite view, but definitely not 100 percent, so the Zillow “used” description is probably wrong. Whoever hands over $55 million will find him/her/zir/theirself in a brand new home!

8 thoughts on “Is anyone dumb enough to pay $55 million for a non-waterfront house in our town?

  1. “At $305,000 per month (estimated) to spend can feel comfortable in this 16,000 square foot home

    at 250 sq ft per person, around 64 economic migrants could live in that house. They might require government housing vouchers to help make the mortgage.

    • Paul: Just as no human being is illegal, no low-skill migrant is an “economic migrant”. I think the term you’re looking for is “migrants fleeing violence”. (The flip side of this is that the U.S. is being populated by those who don’t necessarily like anything about U.S. society. They just don’t want to be killed in their original home country. So there is no more possibility of cultural cohesion than among people who happen to be in Frankfurt airport at any one time. They’re not in Frankfurt because they love German culture and society. They’re in Frankfurt because they’re forced to change planes there. Of course, a key difference is that the people in the Frankfurt airport will eventually leave and go to the place that is actually their first choice of places to be.)

  2. My impression is that these large, bland houses with sterile interior design are often intended as party locations. The photos look like the house is quite isolated and there is a small golf course next to it.

    In December, when there will be a full lockdown again, Democrat Silicon Valley execs can escape to Florida, ditch the masks and have loud music all night long.

    • Anon: Of course it will be a party location. If you have $55 million to spend on a house, plenty of people will want to be your friend. Your first phone call, I predict, would be from Amber Heard.

  3. Maybe someone is betting that it will become waterfront property once global warming melts the Greenland ice sheet.

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