Apply for a permit to set up an abortion clinic in Chevy Chase?

“White House warns against ‘violence, threats, or vandalism’ after protests outside Supreme Court justices homes” (CNN, today):

The White House on Monday condemned “violence, threats, or vandalism” after protesters held demonstrations outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices over the weekend.

And over the weekend, pro-abortion rights protesters gathered outside the private homes of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts in Chevy Chase, Maryland, outside Washington, DC.

“Keep abortion safe and legal,” a few dozen protesters chanted on the street of the tony, tree-lined streets outside the justices’ homes. Many held handmade signs.

“Keep your rosaries off our ovaries,” they said.

The protests were organized, in part, by Kavanaugh neighbor Lacie Wooten-Holway, who told The Washington Post, “I organize peaceful candlelit vigils in front of his house. … We’re about to get doomsday, so I’m not going to be civil to that man at all.”

I wonder what Mx. Wooten-Holway would say if someone applied to open an abortion clinic in his/her/zir/their neighborhood.

CNN continues:

Following the court’s confirmation that the leaked draft opinion was authentic, President Joe Biden condemned it. Psaki also reiterated the White House’s calls for Congress to act to codify the women’s reproductive health protections established in Roe v. Wade.

I wish someone would explain how a federal law would be Constitutional if the Supreme Court holds that Roe v. Wade was a mistake because abortion regulation is a matter of state law.

A quick Google search did not turn up the precise street addresses for the hated justices or Mx. Wooten-Holway, but one of the protests started in Chevy Chase Park, so that’s presumably nearby. Zillow shows that 5BR houses are available for $3.5 million. One of them could become the new clinic.


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  1. The Democrats are rallying their women voters again, who make or break the elections. Expect women to be women until December.

    I think that the new “Disinformation Secretary” was also picked to appease women: You can be a Tik Tok performer behaving in a girly manner, ramble about women’s treatment online and still be successful. That’s what the demographic wants to hear.

    Expect less CRT and trans nonsense.

    A federal law would not be constitutional and would probably be overturned, but the point is to show activism and keep the political theater going (distracts from 10% for the Big Guy etc.).

  2. Why would anyone mind living next to a clinic?

    I used to live down the street from a Planned Parenthood. The only downside was an occasional protest group, usually just one old person with poor hygiene.

    Getting people whose own fertility ended 30 years ago worked up about later generations’ choices has proven to be an effective political strategy, but is strong evidence for the wisdom of the Inuit practice of senilicide.

    • John: More than half of Planned Parenthood customers have an income low enough to qualify for Medicaid (Planned Parenthood is getting about half of its income from Medicaid and similar programs, but since Medicaid tends to pay less than other insurers that would correspond to more than half of the customers being on Medicaid). Progressives who live in $3.5-10 million houses have not been welcoming to the medium income anywhere near their neighborhoods so I don’t think that they would welcome those whose incomes are actually low.

    • See also NYT from 2019: “Why Women Getting Abortions Now Are More Likely to Be Poor”

      Half of all women who got an abortion in 2014 lived in poverty, double the share from 1994, when only about a quarter of the women who had abortions were low-income, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights and conducts a national survey of abortion patients every six years.

  3. The lion kingdom reads multimillionaire bay area homeowners protesting the abortion draft all the time while simultaneously collecting child support from not having abortion.

    The mane fear isn’t about abortion but the beginning of a broader turn against birth control, maternity leave, no fault divorce.

  4. “explain how a federal law would be Constitutional if the Supreme Court holds that Roe v. Wade was a mistake because abortion regulation is a matter of state law”

    It’s interstate commerce when women cross state lines to get an abortion.

  5. Why should individual states have the right to restrict what medical procedures are allowed?

    Sorry if you’re a diabetic in Arkansas, they just outlawed insulin?

  6. Ms Wooten-Holway worked in “Aftercare” at the Grace Episcopal Day School in Kensington MD.

    The staff directory is now scrubbed; surely they’re not embarrassed by her?

    Archived copy:

  7. > I wonder what Mx. Wooten-Holway would say if someone applied to open an abortion clinic in his/her/zir/their neighborhood.

    Nice strawman argument. If zoning allows opening a medical facility then why would anyone care? Aside from your personal viewpoint that poor == undesirable.

    • Anon: I would love to hear the neighbors say that providing abortions is their #1 priority. They are only sad that the zoning regulations that they have put in place won’t allow abortions to happen anywhere near their own homes. It would be like when affordable housing advocate Robert Reich found that higher density housing was not appropriate for his own neighborhood. (see )

    • Why are you so obsessed with abortions? It’s a normal medical procedure that’s none of your business.

    • 2nd Anon: That’s true! According to the emojis on my iPhone, abortion at 37 weeks is a normal medical procedure for any man to undergo. But I still would be interested to know if the Chevy Chase homeowners who are protesting outside the justices’ houses would welcome a long line of pregnant men near their own $3-10 million homes.

  8. I think you should get some people together and do it! I was surprised to learn that while marijuana shops tend to be saturated in poorer areas in MA, there is a Medical Marijuana dispensary in Bethesda, which offers delivery and pickup! RISE Cannabis:

    So if Bethesda can get its feet wet with marijuana dispensaries inside of medical centers, there shouldn’t be any problem with setting up an abortion clinic in Chevy Chase.

    • They have Holy Roller Indica – 3.5 grams with THC of >26% for only $40. That’s strong stuff at bargain-basement prices. If Bethesda can sell that stuff, opening an abortion clinic in Chevy Chase should be duck soup.

      I love this: “THC 26.43%*
      *This % may represent an aggregate of THC/CBD, THCa/CBDa, THCb/CBDb within the product. Consumers should review the actual product label for exact % of THC/CBD.”

      Review the actual product lable and then Smoke it! If you can’t tell what the precise breakdown of the THC subtypes are, we win! I can see it now: “I want a refund on my Holy Roller because after I came down, I realized it only had 26.41% THC in it., and man…it was heavily slanted toward THCb/CBDb. I want my money back!”

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