Should we take the neighbor’s 5-year-old in for a COVID-19 vaccine booster?

From the Journal of Popular Studies: “FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer COVID Booster for Kids 5 to 11.” Children are facing an “emergency”, according to the scientists at the FDA. If there weren’t an emergency, by definition, the shots wouldn’t be available until completely tested and approved via normal procedures.

If a child in the neighborhood is facing an emergency, you’d be morally obligated to take him/her/zir/them to the local hospital, right? You wouldn’t let a 5-year-old bleed out on the sidewalk in front of your apartment when you could simply load the injured kid into the minivan (or Tesla if you’re a douche and/or dog lover!) and zip over to the ED.

Suppose that we suspect some of our neighbors (most of them physicians or dentists) are deplorably failing to respond to the emergency facing their young children. Are we obligated to snatch up the neglected children and rush them to to the nearest healing center for an injection? If not, why not?

If you’re at Disney World in the sexual orientation and gender identification dark ride for kindergarteners and discover that a child in the next car hasn’t received his/her/zir/their booster…

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  1. Consider testing this theory by finding feral cats in the area, scooping them up and getting them spayed/neutered as a “control group”. If that goes well, then move onto the children.

  2. Should we take the neighbor’s 5-year-old in for a COVID-19 vaccine booster? Yes!

  3. If this doesn’t constitute an emergency, I don’t know what in the past 40 years in the United States does! …. Just make sure you tell them first because I would hate to see you have to have Senior Management take up a collection for your kidnapping bail.

  4. Tesla owners are douches? I thought you were now high on Elon Musk, especially since he is a certified genius (never mind SpaceX and Tesla) because he wants to turn Twitter into 4chan, aka “Free Speech.”

    At least that is what right-wing propaganda fed directly into your brain last week. Has that changed?

    • Thought experiment: Suppose that Starbucks owners and executives were the world’s most awesome people. Would that make the people who are habitual Starbucks customers any less insufferable?

    • Mike: Twitter already has more than free speech for limousine leftists, who can engage in actual libel and mobbing without repercussions or corrective statements.

      Naturally they are afraid that their drug fueled rants could be contradicted in the future.

      What was last week’s left wing propaganda? Two weeks ago we were being distracted by pussy hats (I still have to learn how to knit!), last week it was white supremacy and this week the military industrial complex is dragging out UFOs again and does a hypersonic missile promo in order to keep the $40 billion crony packages flowing. Oh, and we have a new “emergency” approval. No apartments have been built.

  5. How can even think about going outside when there is a climate emergency happening?!

  6. Philg – you should certainly take in the neighbor’s children for their mandatory booster if their parent’s are mainstream pediatricians or other card carrying members of the expert class. Lets root out the hypocrites!

    • John: As I noted in , being a licensed physician or registered nurse in Florida is not sufficient protection against denying Science. Unlike in Maskachusetts, it is not considered polite here to begin a conversation by asking “Are you vaccinated?” and therefore we can only suspect that some of our neighbors have failed to heed Dr. Fauci’s advice regarding vaccinating 5-year-olds. Certainly, none of the neighbors who are doctors has ever said anything positive about the current crop of COVID-19 shots (“vaccine” being too strong a term for a medicine that does not prevent infection and illness). Therefore, even if some were forced to accept the Sacrament as a condition of employment I don’t think that they can be considered hypocrites if they fail to inject their own children.

    • GB: Based on my personal experience, I can believe that the vaccines are harmful to frail elderly people. My own reaction to the second shot was severe enough that I think it could have killed a frail old person. My father went on a steep decline and died shortly after getting Pfizer shot #2. And I do know some middle-aged people who feel that their health is now worse overall after receiving the Sacrament of Fauci. But I am not sure what to do with the second kind of anecdotal evidence. A lot of middle aged people experience declining health and the majority of middle aged Americans were injected with the emergency use drugs. In my network of friends and their kids, etc., I haven’t heard about any young people who believe that they were injured by what are marketed as “vaccines”.

      In other words, based on my own network of friends, family, and acquaintances, the COVID-19 shots are in the same category as the flu shots. They don’t seem to do any obvious harm, though they might reduce one’s immune system’s long-term capabilities (see ), and it is not obvious that they do any good (people get COVID-19 anyway and their reported symptoms are about the same as what people reported in 2020, before Joe Biden made vaccines available to the American people; see ).

  7. > You wouldn’t let a 5-year-old bleed out on the sidewalk in front of your apartment when you could simply load the injured kid into the minivan (or Tesla if you’re a douche and/or dog lover!) and zip over to the ED.

    Sadly, yes you would!

    Today’s generation, instead of helping, a simple call to 911, will instead open their smartphone and start recording the injured kid bleeding to death. Gone the days when a stranger would interfere to stop neighborhood kids fight, spank a neighborhood kid for stealing or smoking, call out a neighborhood kid for using foul language, etc.

    We are too scared to be “parents” for our own kids, leave alone being a responsible adult for our neighborhood kids. Because doing the right thing will offend someone and you will be report to “righteous” agency for your crime.

  8. What if you are an exact match to donate a kidney? Should you not be legally compelled to donate that kidney? Women are being forced in some states to provide some of their bodily resources to enable the continuance of another life at potential peril to their own life. Ergo should’nt any man be forced to provide that kidney to a neighbor or suffer prosecution/lawsuits for killing them?

    • CK: Of course, I am all in favor of any coercion that our technocrats might decide to impose on a compliant population of mask-wearers. After all, if even a single life can be saved there is no point in considering individual liberty. However, I’m not sure that the analogy makes sense. An abortion at 24 weeks (available on demand in Maskachusetts and a bunch of other righteous states) will leave a viable human dead (21 weeks is the technological limit for supporting prematurely born children, I think) with 100% certainty. The refusal to comply with public health experts and donate a kidney leaves a human very much alive as a customer of renal dialysis (see ).

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