#MarkedSafe from a cutlery basket in California

Ordering two replacement parts for a Bosch dishwasher…

Bosch then warns me of the potential for cancer and reproductive harm (to any pregnant person, regardless of gender ID) from the bottom rack wheel and cutlery basket:

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  1. True. The California cancer warnings in Starbucks about acrylamide (from roasting the beans) are a joke. Talk about the boy who cried wolf. I don’t think anybody takes these seriously, any more than the warnings not to drink bleach on the bottles.

    • Oh, is that what they’re for? I remember seeing the sign appear in the local Starbucks back when I was living in California, but it was next to a large window so I assumed it was talking about the sunlight.

  2. I would say that given the huge warning triangle it might be better just to build a big rack outside and wash your dishes with a hose and the rain…but that’s really inconvenient and the birds and insects and other critters will be interested in the runoff. Lol.

  3. Funny that Calif* requires using a dishwasher to conserve water, yet says dishwashers cause cancer. Lions still avoid breathing rosin fumes despite the prop 65 warning & not being able to get pregnant. Rosin is used in soldering, for the PhD’s in EE.

  4. No comment on the firing of David Sabatini by MIT and his subsequent unpersoning from NYU?

    One of the best scientists in the United States must go to work for China because he dumped a girlfriend.

    • Tony: I didn’t know him personally. I thought those Whitehead Institute folks spent all of their lives hunched over PCR machines. Now we found out that they were having sex with each other. Having sex with a senior researcher certainly seems like a smart way to get tenure. If the sexual relationship continues, the senior person lobbies on one’s behalf. If the sexual relationship ends, allege harassment and then the institution can’t be seen retaliating by denying tenure.

    • The real question is why the canceled guy doesn’t just set up a lab in China, which has a 5,000-year history of progress in (lowercase) science and technology. Who in China will care which Americans were having sex with each other?

    • Whoa! Sabatini? I met him briefly in his lab while visiting a friend of mine who worked for him. That’s nuts. Going to read the news now.

    • More stories here in PubPeer. Looks like his lab was doing science a la Photoshop! So much easier to draw the gel bands rather than spend another night redoing the PCR. Typical fake it till you make it. Sadly, it is very common in biomedical science. I’d bet a large number of people in those big science institutes (Dana Farber, etc) got their big break into a tenure-track position thanks to Adobe!


    • What happened to Sabatini is chilling, it reads like a witch hunt. Pretty similar to how Steve Kirsch got cancelled by MIT for the sin of going against the Covid narrative, check out this hit piece in the MIT tech review no less. https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/10/05/1036408/silicon-valley-millionaire-steve-kirsch-covid-vaccine-misinformation/amp/

      Social Science could probably explain the physiology of what collectively happened/is happening in our current culture. If their results were reproducible, and if it was an actual Science.

  5. it’s the oucome of some very skillful lobbying. Everything causes cancer then nothing causes cancer

  6. I think you may have a claim against a number of parties that clearly sold you a “new” home with these cancer causing products! We could make this a class action suit!

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