Love Wins at the Florida Walmart

Happy Pride Month again!

(Only the LGBTQ Marines are recognized and honored? Why not the 2SLGBTQQIA+ Marines?)

For folks who are dismayed that the dictatorship of Ron DeSantis has stamped out the word “gay” from the vocabulary of Floridians, some photos from May 7, 2022 taken at the Walmart in Jupiter, Florida:


11 thoughts on “Love Wins at the Florida Walmart

  1. Maybe if Stanley Kubrick was alive today, we’d have an all new, updated version of Full Metal Jacket with rainbow flags and all new-dialogue:

    “Do you love men? Are you a lover AND a killer?”
    “SIR YES SIR!”
    “I don’t believe you! Now show me your REAL Lover Killer War Face!”

    Army of Lovers:

  2. What is the correct exegesis for the picture linked in the USMC tweet (rainbow bullets)?

    1) (#MilitantPride) We dip out bullets in rainbow colors before using them on people who reject the Rainbow Religion (I do not believe this is the case, but the picture is really weird …).

    2) (Heretic) An employee is fed up with the yearly #Pride nonsense and wants to send clear message: This is what we do, and you with all your rainbow colors are no better than the rest of us.

    3) (Naive) An Amherst educated designer genuinely thought that this picture would be a good idea.

    4) (Psychopath) Create the most ridiculous picture you can think of and make everyone admire and praise it so as to establish dominance and weed out dissidents (This would be the correct interpretation in most Silicon Valley companies).

    Anyhow, the dress in the 2020 photos would be the perfect new USMC uniform.

    • I vote for:

      5) (Fashionistxir) The “bullets” are really six gold lipstick cases offering a rainbow of makeup options for an on-the-go soldier with a busy lifestyle.

  3. The color of the bullets have nothing to do with homosexuality. Instead they indicate what type of bullet it is. A quick google search indicates that some of the bullets may be from foreign militaries. The United States might not have purple or green bullets but the Russians do! I am hoping the great Alex (1.0) can chime in and further educated us readers.

    • TS: If these are legitimate colors but used as a #PrideMonth picture, I guess my interpretation 2) above is correct!

    • I don’t know about bullets made with different colors, but I’m not an expert on the subject. There are probably some hand loaders out there who can apply various surface finishes. Maybe there’s a niche boutique market now but I haven’t seen them. It seems to me that it would be easier to make rainbow-colored shotgun shells because the plastic is probably easier to make in any color you’d want.

      Green-tip .556 AR ammo is supposed to be armor-piercing but I’ve never tried it. I don’t think most shooters care about the color of the bullets as long as they perform well.

      For handguns, I’ve always bought cheap, boring American Eagle for practice and then something good like Blazer (if your gun cycles well with it). And for 9mm I can also recommend Winchester PDX 1 Defender. I used some Fiocci, too. They cycled well. If you want to have some real “snap” you can go with a +P load in 9mm as long as your gun manufacturer says it’s OK. +P+ is pushing it in a polymer handgun and you will suffer the abuse from shooting it.

      Here is a decent review of 9mm cartridges. None of them advertise rainbow-colored bullets. There are some things where you really don’t need special decoration.

      Wolf handgun and rifle ammo is Russian. It’s inexpensive and is good enough practice ammo., but again, I’ve never heard of them making either the cartridges or the bullets in different colors. I doubt they ever will.

    • Sorry, I put the decimal point in the wrong place. The AR-15 fires 5.56 millimeter (.223 inches in Ye Olde) bullets that are actually very small and light as rifle bullets go. However, the cartridge and design of the gun drives them to mid-supersonic velocities (2600-3200 fps or more, around 750-950 meters per second, Mach 3) and anyone familiar with even the most basic physics knows what happens when things increase as the square of the velocity. They can also what happens to the projectile when it hits something made primarily of water. But they’re still pipsqueaks compared to shotgun loads and most larger rifle rounds, at least in terms of energy.

      9mm handgun rounds, by comparison, are little weakling cartridges even with +P+ loadings. They were not widely popularized as tokens and playthings prior to about 30 years ago, as I recall. We can only guess whom to thank for that.

  4. > Happy Pride Month again!

    “Pride” gets a whole month, but Memorial Day (mourning 100,000s of thousands of military dead) gets only 1 day. Does that mean being gay is a bigger tragedy?

  5. From the aptly called “tactical shit” website, here are rubber duckies shotgun shells. Guaranteed to make a strong first impression

    A bit expensive, but that’s a mark of quality

    Sadly, MA readers won’t be able to order said rubber duckies online to exercise their constitutional rights.

    The look is fun and games but THESE ARE NOT TOYS!! Keep out of the reach of children!

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