Maskachusetts hosts multiple Covid super-spreader events while forcing kids to wear masks in schools

President Biden still has the U.S. under a state of emergency due to COVID-19. Maskachusetts takes our Scientist leader and “the virus” seriously, as evidenced by the fact that students in the Boston Public Schools are forced to wear masks:

(Just be sure not to wear an N95 mask that might have some effect, says the above web page.)

On the other hand, COVID-19 is not so severe that it should prevent packing tens of thousands of people into an indoor basketball arena for the NBA final games. Nor should COVID-19 discourage Boston from hosting the U.S. Open golf tournament (this weekend, with 100,000+ people coming in at various times (mostly outdoors while spectating, but then indoors and unmasked for hotels, restaurants, parties, etc.)).

So…. COVID-19 in Maskachusetts is an “emergency” for K-12 students, which is why they must continue to wear masks. It’s also an “emergency” for 6-month-old babies, which is why they must be injected with an emergency use authorized “vaccine”. But it is not an emergency for adults, who may gather in enormous crowds without masks, gather unmasked in bars, gather unmasked in “essential” marijuana stores, meet via Tinder after consuming alcohol and marijuana, etc.


2 thoughts on “Maskachusetts hosts multiple Covid super-spreader events while forcing kids to wear masks in schools

  1. Government worker unions are EVIL. They are nothing more than massive schemes for extracting as much resources from the taxpayers for as little actual work done as possible.

    When unions negotiate with private companies they always run a risk of making business uncompetitive or simply unattractive for investors – which seriously limit their ability to demand higher wages or protect non-productive works. After all, a business owner has always an option of closing the shop and taking his capital elsewhere.

    With governments no such restraint exist – after all, their “customers” are captive, and the politicians are not spending their own money. Thus, never ending growth of “administrators” and utter incompetence of pretty much every single government worker. And never forget massive pensions and other benefits.

    A massive numbers of people employed by the governments (all sharing the same interest – taking as much as possible from tax payers) organized by unions become a dominant voting bloc unified by that single purpose. In single-party states like California, the government worker unions completely control voting – and most of the dysfunction of the state governments can be directly attributed to that.

    In a saner society government worker unions would be flat out prohibited. Oh, and voting by government workers must be prohibited too, for the same reason.

  2. 100,000+ locals in a stadium is fine! The U.S. is safe because Djokovic is banned from entry!

    “He was then forced to withdraw from Indian Wells and Miami due to the US’ vaccination regulations.”

    Unlike Djokovic, unvaccinated immigrants are fine, too (

    “Required for non-U.S. citizen, nonimmigrant passengers arriving from a foreign country to the United States by air.”

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