Adults versus Kids; a Science-based response to COVID-19 in Maskachusetts

Recent emails from the Handel+Haydn Society in Boston… Adults:


From the linked-to page:

All participants in H+H Youth Choruses activities must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19, and we provide further that H+H agrees to comply with the then-applicable U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance regarding mandatory employer vaccination programs. Masks are required for all indoor activities at all times.

Recall that, like California, Massachusetts is a state that decided marijuana shops for adults were “essential” and had to remain open while public schools were closed for 1.5 years and forcibly masked for at least 1 additional school year (unclear what will happen in the Boston Public Schools for 2022-2023).


13 thoughts on “Adults versus Kids; a Science-based response to COVID-19 in Maskachusetts

  1. This is how you prepare and doctrine the next generation into #Pride and #FUD — start early and show them that Love-is-Love and saying No is not an option.

    Doesn’t this reminds you of how the Taliban operates? The enemy that we spent over $2.3T to defeat so that the the country and its next generation have democracy and are free thinkers?

  2. I challenge anyone who wants their kid in the program to go without a mask and refuse to wear one, while bursting into song.

    I’m not an opera fan and I’ve never attended one, sadly, because I would have enjoyed it. It’s a part of the culture that I’ve missed out on and wish I had benefited from. But I don’t hold grudges, and someone else will have to come up with great aria they should sing. Maybe something from Il Viaggio a Reims, but someone will surely tell me I’m a moron and I’d have to agree:

    Failing that, they should try for “Nobody’s Fool” by Cinderella and I wish them luck. Because cloth masks are stupid. And they’re stupid. Haven’t we had enough stupidity yet?

    • @Anonymous, you are right, you can thank Republicans. But you should also thank liberals for banning Dr. Suisse books, brain washing K-12 public students with #Pride and encouraging under age kids to express themselves and take hormones to alter their bodies.

      So what if those next generations are behind in STEM as long as they are ready for Love-is-Love. Yep, those liberals got their priorities right.

    • Both Republican insistence on preventing the fools from taking their genes out and Democratic insistence on promotion of fertility-ending sexual deviance and treatments for the higher-IQ crowd work towards the same goal – making Idiocracy the reality.

  3. Interesting. George A is allowed condemn leftists but messages about his defense of forcing a ten year old to birth a rapists child is deleted.

    • I looked at the deleted comments. I’m not 100% sure why the moderator killed your comment, but I can ask tomorrow.

      You wrote “weird way to defend raping children, but you do you!”

      Hurling insults at another commenter is usually not productive, but in this case the lack of productivity is compounded by the fact that you may simply have misread George’s comment. He is not an advocate for child rape, as far as I can tell. So it is doubly unproductive to insult someone based on a misunderstanding of what they wrote.

    • @Anonymous, I’m not an advocate or supporter of ANY kind of rape. In fact, I’m not even a pro-life/-birth advocate either (I made that clear in on of another post few weeks back which I’m too lazy or care to find it now).

      In this case, I would much preferer to see this innocent 10 y/o get an abortion so she can start a new and normal life REGARDLESS what the government thinks or laws are in the book — it’s for her family to make this decision.

      My point to you was, which you don’t seem to get or ignore is this: if you were looking at this 10 y/o being denied abortion as a radical ideology by Republicans / Conservatives, then you must be reminded of the other far more radical ideologies that Democrats / Liberals are advocating which I consider to be far more harmful and invasive to 10 y/o’s. That’s why I mentioned the priority of STEM is being ignored and 10 y/o’s are being brainwashed into Love-is-Love.

  4. The real shocker is that philg needs a moderator, not himself, to handle the mighty volume of comments here (ten a day? with six from Alex?)

    • Is that Mindy the Crippler’s job to moderate here? What happen to prodigious Australian Shepherd, lately I had seen only pictures of a Golden Retriever, an not very recently.

    • 123: the entire blog is a relic of the pre-Facebook age when people still used non-Facebook sites and a post here could get 200 comments. We have the beefy server, the self-managed DNS and domain registration, the volunteer moderator (1 down from 2), the nginx caching front-end server. The infrastructure is likely capable of handling 100X the current volume of traffic and comments. We just need Like and Follow buttons to make it addictive!

      (The moderator actually is still a useful role due to the steady volume of spam! Also, pre-coronapanic I would be offline for extended periods and the site would be running with pre-scheduled content. Remember that I did that Northwest Passage cruise back in 2019.

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