CDC advice regarding simple cloth and surgical masks still helping SARS-CoV-2 spread

When coronapanic began, the CDC told Americans that, contrary to all previously established medical knowledge, a simple cloth or surgical mask would substantially prevent infection by SARS-CoV-2. This advice has been walked back, to some extent, in favor of suggesting N95 masks, but the general public does not seem to have gotten the more recent memo.

On a June trip to San Diego, I noticed a fair number of people who apparently sought to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Instead of staying home, which would have been the obvious choice given pre-2020 Science, they were on 100-percent-crammed airline flights, in museums, etc.

Here is an example from the Chick-fil-A line in Atlanta:

An example on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego (awesome museum, but staying home is safer):

Despite half of the U.S. taking the position that avoiding COVID-19 is a critical human activity and that the other half of the nation is morally deficient for not sharing their concern, the Denver airport was crammed to capacity on a Wednesday at noon (imagine Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend!). A 26-minute wait for the non-elite:

Colorado supported Joe Biden, but it seems that the typical local won’t wear a mask while engaging in a religious ritual at the Denver airport’s 2SLGBTQQIA+ monolith (imagine the joy if Kubrick’s 2001 were updated with this monolith!):

On a related note, the Delta flight attendant offered me an alcohol wipe during boarding. I replied, “thank you, but my personal hygiene problems are far too severe to be addressed by one wipe.”


4 thoughts on “CDC advice regarding simple cloth and surgical masks still helping SARS-CoV-2 spread

  1. When given an option, humans will opt for the easy way out EVEN when the easy option won’t save them. This is why masks are not going away. It is an easy false believe of protection, thanks to the media for spreading the FUD.

    Now, when will the CDC issue an emergency declaration of cognitive thinking degradation that American’s and mainly the next generation of Americans have been experiencing? And when will the media follow up on it and beam us nonstop the panful death that will follow?

    All that I’m asking for is for those dump dump Americans to be able to do math thinking at 1/2 the speed they are able to response on XBox or 1/2 the speed it takes them to roll up “essential” marijuana. And if a jab in the forehead will help, that’s even better.

  2. At least Joe Biden was successful at conquering the real virus that was threatening America’s existence. Now nobody has that guy to fight over when they get into mask arguments at the food court in the airport!

  3. Please go easy on Delta and Atlanta airport – I spent my prime years developing both. Alas, airports have become the bane of efficient travel. They have really gone to hell since ATL opened in 1980.
    It really started with Security Theater in 1973.

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