Welcoming migrants in our nation’s capital

“G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast” (New York Times, yesterday):

Lever Alejos arrived in the nation’s capital last week on a bus with dozens of fellow Venezuelans who had journeyed more than 1,300 miles from their broken country to the United States. Most had braved poisonous plants and thugs as they trudged through dense jungle on the Colombian border and waded in water up to their chins to cross the Rio Grande into Texas, some clutching babies.

After being processed by U.S. border authorities, the undocumented migrants were released into South Texas, free to go where they wanted. Mr. Alejos, 28, said he was offered two options: a $50 bus ride to San Antonio or a free bus ride to Washington, D.C., paid for by the State of Texas. “I wanted San Antonio, but I had run out of money,” said Mr. Alejos, who has no family in the United States. “I boarded the bus to Washington.”

With no money and no family to receive them, the migrants are overwhelming immigrant nonprofits and other volunteer groups, with many ending up in homeless shelters or on park benches. Five buses arrived on a recent day, spilling young men and families with nowhere to go into the streets near the Capitol.

Since April, Texas has delivered more than 6,200 migrants to the nation’s capital, with Arizona dispatching an additional 1,000 since May. The influx has prompted Muriel E. Bowser, Washington’s Democratic mayor, to ask the Defense Department to send the National Guard in. The request has infuriated organizations that have been assisting the migrants without any city support.

“The infrastructure in New York is not built for this,” she said. “We are not on the border.”

The situation has become acute in recent weeks with the arrival of so many Venezuelans, who cannot be expelled under Title 42 because Mexico will not take them and their own government does not have an agreement with the United States to accept deportation flights. And unlike most migrants from Mexico and Central America who have family and friends in the United States, Venezuelans often arrive with no money and nowhere to go.

The “migrants welcome” lawn signs all over Northwest D.C. were not sufficient, apparently, to handle even 1 percent of the undocumented migrants who come to the U.S. (compare the 7,200 migrants mentioned above to the roughly 22 million who lived in the U.S. as of 2018 (Yale)).

From April 2022 in D.C., No Human Being is Illegal:


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  1. Relocating migrants to Democrat states is a great initiative. Current Democrats are in complete denial about nearly all aspects of reality, so they must be confronted with it.

    The latest great diplomatic success as a result of wishful thinking:


    “China declared Friday it was stopping all dialogue with the United States on major issues, from climate change to military relations, in a day of rapidly escalating tensions over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.”

    Perhaps the West needs Taiwanese refugees to build semiconductor plants. Compared to the current administration, Trump looks like an intelligent, refined old school diplomat.

  2. “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.”

    As long as it’s Somebody Else’s Problem sponsored by Somebody Else’s Money, this should continue.

    • The Donks are flexible ethicists. They do not care about people in border states, or even in Idaho, where fentanyl trafficking is rampant. They don’t care about the people living in border states because nobody covers it and even if they did, they wouldn’t care. It’s the sickest thing any political party has ever done in this country, and not only do they want to continue the sickness, they’re TOTALLY DOWN with the sickness.

      They all need a big slap in their electoral heads. Remember to vote against every single one of them in November and then in 2024.

  3. I love these assholes in Lincoln with their “no human being is illegal” placards. I’ll guarantee that if you walk up to that house and knock on the door saying they shouldn’t support illegal immigration, the cops WILL be called and you WILL BE illegal.

    • Or in D.C. either, for that matter. Go ahead and give it a try: walk up that sidewalk, knock on the door and tell them they shouldn’t support illegal immigration. Wait about five minutes or less. You’re on their property and you’ll be Illegal very quickly.

  4. I have an aunt who used to work for the State Department and lived for many years in a very close suburb of D.C., actually inside the city. She was a gourmet, a lifelong feminist Democrat, and her husband loved his Porsche and the food she cooked. She kept a lot of cats – Persians, many other mixed breeds, and some strays. The neighborhood was upscale, very tony, looked a little like that sidewalk. She used to go jogging through Washington State Park and I took the trip with her a couple of times.

    I can tell you that they didn’t want any immigrants, legal or not, in their very upscale, multimillion dollar neighborhood. Of course, everything about the poor immigrants in Mexico and South America was a terrible thing for them to countenance. But they certainly didn’t want anyone getting off a bus near them. I used to have to plan a week in advance just to visit them and find a place to park!

    I will almost guarantee that 0.0% of wealthy liberals in DC want to have immigrants in their homes or their neighborhoods. And I’ll tell you something else: many of them are armed, even though it’s officially not allowed in DC and they would all deny it.

    They are all people who have situational ethics and the idea of spending Other People’s Money is the most important way they “accomplish” anything. In other words, they’re the biggest hypocrite liars on Earth.

    • Sorry, Rock Creek Park not Washington Square. Beautiful place. Great for jogging. It was a long time ago, but the concept is pretty much the same. They like *wealthy* immigrants in DC, not poor ones.

  5. Would be nice to know how many immigrants are being bussed to Calif*, but Greenspun only covers east coast news. Rent increased 10% but everyone in Calif* fled to Texas. Wonder who’s filling it back up.

  6. It sounds absurd, but I envy your situation on your continent. Here in Europe we have exactly the same situation: they cannot be deported because of lack of all kind of agreements, because sheer refusal of countries to get their people back. The same lack of political will to stop the immigration, to use force to oblige their country of origin to take them back.
    Just that you deal with Latin-Americans of European/Western/Christian cultural background, while we deal with North-Africans of Muslim cultural background. All you risk is drug dealing, gangs, filthy neighbourhoods, and robberies. Your migrants just want to live better than in their contries. Our migrants hate us and want to shove their cultural norms down our throats. Thanks to the big and increasing gap in birth-rates, they’ll win in the end. We get the same filthy neighbourhoods, gangs, delinquency, but we get humiliation as a bonus. We get burkini, we get the sight of hijabs everywhere, the respect of Ramadan in private companies, we get self-censure by not providing pork in school or prison canteens, by toning down the history lesson about the battle of Poitiers in 932 in order to not “offend” them. Nobody fights back, everyone leads individual ad-hoc survival strategies, rearguard actions (e.g. registers his children in private Catholic schools, despite being convinced atheists, such that their children have no Muslim colleagues), there’s a feeling that nothing can be done any more, everybody hopes that the ship will not sink during their lifetime. Felix America!

    • Just to save anyone time, I think this is what you are talking about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Tours (732) I had never heard of it. It looks like the Western equivalent of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Vienna

      In a way, the US is indeed lucky. Hispanics have some vile gangs, which reckon back Aztec practices, but for the most part they want to come home from their muffler shop jobs, drink Corona and watch baseball. Not a world-changing threat, but rather a dismal decline into mediocrity. Europe by contrast is facing something like real genocide.

    • In 2010 one could still say something in the mainstream media. Here’s pure heresy from CBC, before Canada became the Great Fascist North:


      Not possible today. The marching orders come from the top. In the computing industry it started around 2014 with #MeToo, Gamergate etc.

      Suddenly speech was forbidden on “open” source mailing lists. Heretics were purged, usually by Boomer hypocrites who had done way worse in their day when they were having fun.

      Corporations bought up mediocre but power hungry “open” source developers who acted as hatchet men.

      I know for a fact that neither the privileged Brahmin CEO class not their bad, bad white equivalents give a whit about actual social justice. So we have economic reasons. Silicon Valley corporations want to dominate globally, so they have to appease everyone. And they want to outsource contract work. And they want to sell ads to women, who probably have a higher rate of impulse purchases than men and a higher spending power (through divorce money etc.).

      I do think there is a chance to reverse the current detrimental policies if more people highlight the economic reasons and the hypocrisy.

    • In contrast to Australia and Canada, both Europe and the U.S. share an immigration system that filters by “How much did you hate living in your old country?” with no consideration given to “How much would you love living in this new country?” https://www.politico.com/news/2021/06/16/asylum-standards-biden-494918 for example says that a reason to stay in the U.S. (and collect welfare for 3+ generations) is “my spouse is beating me up in the old country”. Assuming that the purportedly abusive spouse remains in the old country (he/she/ze/they could, of course, show up the very next day in the U.S. claiming asylum because Asylum Seeker #1 was allegedly hitting him/her/zir/them), that’s a reason for immigration that has nothing to do with the U.S.

      In the long run, the U.S. must necessarily become a nation of people with nothing in common other than a hatred for living somewhere else.

    • @onetwothree: thanks for the correction. It is indeed 732 and not 932. The location of the battle is not precisely known, it was somewhere between Tours and Poitiers, so it is known under both names. The Frankish ruler Charles got the surname “Martel”, the hammer, for having pummeled and annihilated the Muslim army. While a couple of generations ago Charles Martel was a national hero in France, glorified in history books, today it is a bit taboo to mention his surname.
      This battle is regularly listed among the battles that changed the course of world history.

      Some years ago the satirical French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” republished the Mohamed cartoons initially created by a Danish magazine in 2005. In retaliation a squad of armed Muslims managed to enter the French magazine’s HQ in 2015 and shoot dead eight members of its staff and four other people, despite the building being under armed protection since the publication of the cartoons. A sort of meme sprung up everywhere, “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie), written in white letters on a black background. Newspaper headquarters draped in this text, T-shirts, stickers, etc, not only in France but in neighbouring countries too. I had two reactions: first, I find it cowardly to react by drawing a target on yourself and claiming “if you aim at Charlie, you aim at me, if you shoot it, you shoot us”. Yes, it’s true, it was an attack on our entire society and way of life, but what do you expect? To shame them? Why would your life be holy to them if the journalists’ was not? And second I thought “everybody wants to be Charlie, but nobody wants to be ‘Charlie’ Martel”.

  7. Illegals crossing into another country’s boarder is no difference from Putin’s army crossing into Ukraine. One will cause chase, destruction and slow death, the other will cause chase, destruction and fast death.

    To that end, if “no human being is illegal”, why is the world up in arms against Putin’s army crossing into Ukraine? Would it have made a difference if Putin’s army crossing was done by buses and without weapons? Can Ukraine then deport Putin’s non weaponized army and would the world be against Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

  8. You guys are scaring hell out of me here in my little planned Florida sunshine community with immigrants building houses and cutting grass.

    Off topic a bit, we flew through Atlanta last week and spent several hours at ATL. Noticed the majority of passengers were non-white regardless of their itinerary. Where are the Caucasians, in the VIP clubs?

    • Immigrants building houses is a factor in Florida single family home constructions costing upward of one million dollars? Here in the almost heartland local build houses at cost increased in line with inflation and make decent living at that cost.

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