An Opera Superstar and a Progressive go into a Bar…

Checking a couple of recent news stories…

“Placido Domingo’s name comes up in Argentina sex sect probe” (state-sponsored PBS)

Opera star Placido Domingo’s name has appeared in an investigation of a sect-like organization in Argentina that also had U.S. offices and whose leaders have been charged with crimes, including sexual exploitation.

Domingo, the Spanish opera singer who has faced accusations of sexual harassment from numerous women over the past three years, has not been accused of any wrongdoing in the Argentina case.

“Placido didn’t commit a crime, nor is he part of the organization, but rather he was a consumer of prostitution,” said a law enforcement official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because the investigation continues. Prostitution is not illegal in Argentina.

The article says that “children or teenagers … were sexually exploited”. Placido Domingo is, thus, a child molester? The specific person who visited the opera star in his hotel room is named: Susana Mendelievich. How old is this teenager? In 1990, she was old enough to play the piano (source). Operawire reports that she is today 75 years old.

The great opera star, in other words, is accused of paying for sex with a 75-year-old.

“Social Media Was a C.E.O.’s Bullhorn, and How He Lured Women” (New York Times):

Kacie Margis [27 years old], a model and artist, first learned about Dan Price in 2020 the way many people do: through social media posts that celebrated his progressive politics.

Five years earlier, Mr. Price had propelled himself to an unlikely position for the head of a 110-person payment processing company when he told his employees that he was raising their minimum pay to $70,000. His announcement was covered by The New York Times and NBC News. Esquire did a photo shoot. He made appearances on “The Daily Show” and at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

On Monday, the police in Palm Springs, Calif., said they had referred Ms. Margis’s case to local prosecutors, recommending a charge of rape of a drugged victim.

What harmful drugs did the Progressive icon employ in his nefarious scheme? For those who had the patience to read another 7 screens of text:

Ms. Margis returned to Room 423, where she took a cannabis edible to counter insomnia, something she’s regularly done since being at the 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival. Mr. Price returned and tried to initiate sex.

I’m wondering if this is at odds with Science. Marijuana is such an important booster of overall health that marijuana stores were “essential” and, at least in California, Illinois, and Maskachusetts, remained open on every day that public schools were closed. This is a Scientific fact and it is reflected in Science-guided policies designed and imposed by politicians and officials who Follow the Science. But, simultaneously, a different branch of the same Science-following government considers healing cannabis to be drug that leaves a person mentally and physically incapacitated, unable to resist a sexual assault.

Moving on to one of the other victims… Serena Jowers, also mentioned in the article as having provided sex to the Progressive CEO without an explicit fee being charged:

Unless we want to say that, just as being elderly makes a person better suited to being President of the United States being elderly makes a person better at having sex, it seems that sending out a handful of Progressive tweets yields a superior return in the sexual marketplace than a lifetime spent honing one’s craft as an opera singer.

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  1. >> The article says that “children or teenagers … were sexually exploited”

    This is probably fine as long as the children self-identified as adults.

  2. If you’re rich, they let you do anything, but don’t actually call it a liberal voting dark age nightmare if you don’t want an FBI raid.

  3. Slightly off-topic but I think he should look on the bright side. Price should thank his lucky stars that at least neither of his former lovers has come out as gay after their relationships with him. Talk about adding insult to injury!

    “Woman left her husband, house and career behind to travel when she realised she was gay at 35.”

    “A woman left her ‘dream’ husband, house and career behind when she realised she was gay at 35 – and now travels the world and living out of a suitcase. Lauren Burgess, 37, thought she had the perfect life until she broke out in chronic hives, due to stress, and started having therapy which led her to realise she was a lesbian. She had ‘experimented’ with women in her college years but thought it was ‘just a bit of fun’. After seeing people on social media embracing different labels, she began to work out her sexuality. In February 2021 she took the plunge and left her husband, Matt, 40, after four years of marriage to travel the West coast of America in a van with her dog, Ted, a Goldendoodle. Now she has expanded her travels to Europe exploring cities like Lisbon, London, Paris and Amsterdam – whilst embracing her sexuality. Lauren, a business coach, from Joshua Tree, California, US, said: “I was living a life that I was told would make me happy. “I had the dream husband, house, dog and career but I started to realise something wasn’t right. “I saw people on social media talking openly about their sexuality and something started to twig.”

    Her hubby was supportive! She got a case of chronic HIVES and after consulting with a therapist, she realized she was DEFINITELY gay, now, only 20 years or so after hitting puberty!

    The husband: “It was so hard, but he was supportive and understanding,” she said. “It felt very selfish, and I had a lot to grieve. “I had my dog Ted with me, and he takes up the whole bed.”

    (Later she leaves the dog with him. Too much trouble, I guess.)

    No mention of children, either, but at 35 she was just about reaching the “go/no-go” point and it looks like she decided to bail!

    Vocabulary question: What does it mean “…to twig?” Is that some freaky new Gender ID term I haven’t heard yet? If you up and go gay after living an adult life almost to the age of biological grandmotherhood throughout most of human history, have you been “Twiggered?”

    Is there an old Looney Tunes Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny cartoon in here somewhere?

    • Now the husband needs to go into therapy to search for him/herself. The fact that a lesbian were attracted to him tells me that he lives not his life. 🙂

    • She might never have been attracted to the husband sexually. She could have been attracted to his money and willingness to work all day every day to get more money for her to spend.

    • “To twig” is to realise, or to understand. In common use in Australia and the UK, at least.

    • @janm: Thank you. I thought it must be something of that kind because of the alternate spellings throughout the article. Couldn’t put my finger on it, though.

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