See Disney World before it is destroyed by Ian?

Here’s the current predicted track for Tropical Storm Ian:

Worrisome for Disney World! On the other hand, if a ride is destroyed by Ian, perhaps it could be rebuilt along the lines suggested in Should Disney World offer a ride educating kindergartners on sexual orientation and gender identity?

Wednesday morning is the most likely arrival time of tropical storm-force winds in Orlando.

(Science-deniers will falsely claim, as a matter of misinformation, that hurricanes have never previously hit Orlando and that, being 100′ above sea level, it is not going to be washed away via climate change like all of the rest of Florida. The deniers ignore the fact that we’re in a new age of super hurricanes caused by not enough laptop class members collecting subsidies from the working class to buy electric cars and rooftop solar.)

Separately, if you’re interested in why Disney having its own county is so important, read Buying Disney’s World: The Story of How Florida Swampland Became Walt Disney World. The company told the State of Florida that it was going to use the land primarily to build a city, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Therefore, it made sense for the new city to be able to issue tax-free municipal bonds to fund infrastructure. Given the high rates of federal personal income taxes at the time, Disney’s borrowing costs were thus halved at zero cost to Florida (did not then and does not now have a personal income tax (barred by the state constitution)) but with a big cost to the US Treasury. The Democrats who are passionate about Disney retaining its own county are essentially arguing for continued tax avoidance by Disney.

5 thoughts on “See Disney World before it is destroyed by Ian?

  1. OK I admit: I was scrolling by too quickly and read the title: “See Disney World before it is destroyed by Iran?” As Roseanne Roseannadanna once said: “Nevermind!”

    However, I think Disney should consider your plan for rebuilding destroyed rides to educate the youngsters regarding sex and gender ID. It could be very easily argued that the harmful stereotypes reinforced in almost every popular Disney film ever made have done an incredible amount of damage that absolutely must be remediated and corrected. I expect that to happen very soon, in fact, beginning with new feature films. In many ways it already has, so now they just have to make it explicit and start building the corresponding theme park attractions.

    We know they will succumb to any outside pressure that is applied – instantly.

  2. Fortunately, it’s swinging west. Lions have memories of tracking the bermuda high while watching the news tell stories of doom, & told us to sell our stonks. The burmuda high always moved farther west than expected.

  3. Probably should check out Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.

    Latest track goes in near Clearwater Beach, which would be a disaster for Tampa.

    Orlando will be fine.

  4. The view from the panhandle: Dry cold front is nudging it east and likely attenuating it to Cat 2 at landfall, Cat 1 or TS by Orlando.
    Disney won’t get its hair mussed.

    Off topic, just returned from a few days in Maine. What do people do there, paint each other’s house?

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