Giorgia Meloni is more dangerous than Vladimir Putin (CNN and New York Times)

“The Future Is Italy, and It’s Bleak” (NYT, July 22, 2022):

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party … could open the way for the Brothers of Italy to become the first far-right party to lead a major eurozone economy. For Europe and the country, it would be a truly seismic event.

Like other far-right parties across Europe, it is descended from a fascist or collaborationist original

Perhaps we will not all burn together in the fire. But if the far right takes over the government, in Italy or elsewhere, some of us surely will.

“Italy’s Hard-Right Lurch Raises New Concerns in Washington” (NYT, yesterday):

Italy’s election of a far-right governing coalition, … despite concern about their party’s fascist roots. … members of the Trump wing of the Republican Party embraced the rise of a nationalist whose party has roots in Mussolini-era fascism.

“Giorgia Meloni claims victory to become Italy’s most far-right prime minister since Mussolini” (CNN, yesterday):

the most far-right government since the fascist era of Benito Mussolini. … She has also called abortion a “tragedy,” raising fears for the future of women’s rights in the country.

“How Giorgia Meloni and her far-right party became a driving force in Italian politics” (CNN, Sept 25, 2022):

The National Alliance, formerly the Italian Social Movement, was unapologetically neo-fascist, formed by supporters of Benito Mussolini. … Now, the 45-year-old ultra-conservative … never wavering from a conservative agenda that puts in question LGBT rights, abortion rights and immigration policies.

A full-scale war had to unfold in Ukraine before the New York Times was prepared to call Vladimir Putin names, but Giorgia Meloni earned these monikers before taking a single official action. Maybe this means she will win the Nobel Peace Prize soon! (Barack Obama was nominated after 12 days of being in office.)

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  1. Don’t worry about Meloni, the un-elected (by citizens) EU president Ursula von der Leyen says the EU has “tools” to deal with difficult countries who vote against the policies supported by other un-elected EU bureauocrats.

  2. The Atlantic hopes she doesn’t last long. Before she has committed her official act in office, they’re already hoping her government collapses. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even now, the New York Times is not calling for the collapse of Putin’s government. So this bitch must be REALLY dangerous.

    “Italians Didn’t Exactly Vote for Fascism” <– That's clever

    They just hope she leaves the LGBTQIA+ people and immigrants alone long enough for her star to fade, the quagmire of Italian politics to envelop her, the pushback from The Yurps to take the wind out of her sails, as her government grinds to a halt and then collapses.

    "Most of the Italians I have spoken with in recent days await the new government with weary equanimity. One neighbor, an outspoken woman in her 70s who, like most people in her village, has voted for the left all her life, told me of her intense dislike for Giorgia Meloni. But when I asked her whether she was worried about what the leader of Brothers of Italy would do to the country, she gave a nonchalant shrug. “In the end, the new government won’t be that different from all the others,” she said. “It’ll fail to get much of anything done. And then it’ll collapse.”

    I hope she’s right."

  3. Obviously it’s an opportunity to teach Italians how to do proper democracy. Let’s deploy carrier group, (and as benefit, burn some of our excessively printed mini-dollars), occupying force and start civil war there that will last 20 years and teach them errors of their ways!

    • Thanks for that! If there were “neo-fascists” in 1994, aren’t today’s fascists properly labeled “paleo-fascists”?

  4. The history of fascism is…not what you’d expect, given the howler monkeys’ ranting in the MSM.

    Mussolini was an avowed member of the far left. He edited a Socialist newspaper, joined unions, protested and was arrested on workers rights protests, and thought war would be able to spread socialism across Europe quicker.

    The 25 points of the Nazi Party also makes interesting reading – not much of it sounds even vaguely right-wing.

    • Yep. The original nazis tried to play right-left division to differentiate themselves from communists as a moderate “third way” socialist party. They were successful in duping the bourgeoise. The fact that they competed against communists for the same electorate is well-documented, as is their positioning to broaden their base.

      The myth that nazis (and fascists) were somehow right-wing was mostly creation of both Soviet propagandists and American leftists, who were desperate to differentiate themselves from nazis – after being open and conspicuous admirers of nazis before WW2. And since the leftists control the education, now that myth is firmly embedded into the popular psyche (especially among the “educated”). Few people bother reading fascist/nazist literature of the period, so few understand that the difference between modern-day “progressives” and old-time nazis is mostly cosmetic (somewhat different choice of untermenschen – now including not only Slavs and Jews, but all white people) – they are in complete agreement on the fundamental issues such as primacy of the state over individuals, militarism, disarmament of civilians, total surveillance and censorship plus pervasive propaganda.

    • > The myth that nazis were somehow right-wing

      Probably just a coincidence that now all neo-Nazis support right-wing parties…

    • @Angry Aussy, tell me your experiences being involved into Neo-Nazi parties and how they campaigned for Australian conservatives. Here in the US, neo-nazis pretty much hate conservative right, see their attack on conservative right student union here in the USA.
      Their political program overlaps with Democrat icons FDR and Huey Long . The last was southern Democrat, leftist Governor of Louisiana, personal nemesis of and policy (including racial) inspiration for FDR. Huey Long was assassinated by a conservative Catholic for harry-mongering of his father’s district pout of existence. Huey Long was the closest thing to communist and fascist that came near US presidency so far, despite what you read in your fantasy books

  5. I think the knee-jerk reference to the far-right refers to Meloni’s “Dio, patria e famiglia” slogan which itself echoes Vichy’s “Travail, famille, patrie”, and the Nazi’s “Kinder, Kirche, Küche”. It’s the return to “traditional values” and the consequent threat of destruction to all recent progress in terms of rights for women and minorities that people nowadays associate with the far right.

    The differences between the slogans are really interesting, actually. Only the Germans were misogynists. The French are into the social role of work and leave religion out of it, while Italians are the contrary.

  6. CNN and NYT hate Georgia Meloni because she achieved her position and won herself, on her own. This is opposite of what Hillary Clinton stands for.

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