Meet in London next week or Paris the week after?

Beloved European and stubbornly non-European readers: I arrive in London (staying near St. James Park underground and Westminster Abbey) on Tuesday, October 4 (Airbus A380 from MIA!). On October 8, it will be time to move to Paris via the tunnel train. I will be there in the 7th arrondissement through the morning of October 15. I would love to meet up! Please email me ( with a plan.


Readers: How is Europe so crowded with tourists? It is tough to get reservations for anything. The Chinese aren’t traveling, I don’t think, because they would have to spend two weeks in quarantine on returning. The Russians aren’t traveling. Who is filling up Europe’s hotels, restaurants, and museums/monuments in October 2022?

Here’s a photo from my most recent trip to Paris, in 2016:

11 thoughts on “Meet in London next week or Paris the week after?

  1. A guy who hates people who cross borders, “Marxists” and anywhere w/ social healthcare is travelling to Europe? priceless.

  2. It could be that others in the US besides you have figured out that with a strong dollar foreign travel is a good idea. I noticed the same with Japan — you would think that flights going there would be a bargain but they are not.

    • Ricky: It is crazy expensive to go to Europe right now. Flights are expensive. Hotels in London and Paris were expensive when I booked (about a month ago; $400 is the new $200). Maybe the exchange rate will help with meals and museum admissions.

  3. I have been in Germany, UK and France a lot in the past month. I think it is mostly just a torrent of pent up European demand – flights and trains filled with families traveling.

  4. Vote with your feet! Alabama has some beautiful parts and the Louisisana/Mississippi coasts escaped the storm. They are the reddest states, to the extent that the traitorous
    Democrats seldom name a candidate. Trump and DeSantis love them.

    • Donald: I think it is progressives who cannot tolerate visiting states where people might disagree with them on political matters (though they cheerfully go to destinations in Latinx America and Europe where abortion care for pregnant people is unavailable or limited to 12 weeks of a pregnant person’s pregnancy). See for example. See also

      California is adding Florida and four other states to its official travel ban list after Attorney General Rob Bonta said Monday the states passed anti-LGBTQ laws that are “directly targeting transgender youth.”

      Five years ago, California prohibited most taxpayer-funded travel to states deemed to have passed laws that discriminate against LGBTQ people. Assembly Bill 1887 was prompted by outrage in California over a North Carolina law that required people to use public bathrooms based on the sex shown on their birth certificate.

      Before Bonta’s announcement Monday, 12 other states were already on the California ban list: Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas. The law has limited exemptions, such as travel necessary to enforce California laws, participate in litigation or protect public health.


      The law did not apply to the elite Governor French Laundry: (what if Gavin Newsom had needed abortion care during his/her/zir/their visit to Texas?)

    • Randall: How is Donald a “troll”? On Facebook it seems to mean “someone who disagrees with me and makes arguments that I find difficult to refute.”

  5. Philip, I’ll gladly brave Paris state-of-the-art transport system (public or not) to come meet you! Excellent news!

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