2 thoughts on “60th anniversary of Mercury 8, with Hasselblad camera on board

  1. @philg: You need to fix the “Hasselblad in Space” link.

    As a kid I had a friend whose father was a professional photographer, and every so often he would regale us with one of his Hasselblads, so me and my buddy could drool all over ourselves looking at it and holding it. My father actually had a complicated large (maybe medium? it’s so long ago) camera but I don’t remember the make/model. He also still has one of the original stainless steel and leather Polariod SX-70 Land Cameras, which I though was a fragment of Pure Magic, but nothing like a Hasselblad in terms of image quality. It was still magic, and a beautiful object in its own right.

    Now Apple does some little tweak to a lozenge in on the display and everyone goes nuts.

    I think they should maybe give a Hasselblad to kids graduating from high school in STEM as a portion of their graduation requirements: read the instructions, successfully load the camera and take a decent photograph without breaking it. Pass/Fail.

    Of course, the iPhone, et. al., have really raised the standard of “cameras for the masses” and so I don’t mind so much. I think everyone can do without all those blurry, terribly exposed shots that are stuffed away in photo albums. Good with the bad, I suppose.

    I absolutely adore the illustrations, though – so clean and clear. You also need cognitive dexterity to do some mental rotations, etc., which are almost impossible for some people.

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