Are folks from Martha’s Vineyard handling energy policies worldwide?

Joe Biden said he wanted humans to stop burning oil (“climate change poses an existential threat… Getting to a 100% clean energy economy is not only an obligation, it’s an opportunity.” ( Our Arab brothers, sisters, and binary-resisters running OPEC graciously obliged by cutting production. Now it seems that the Big Guy did not mean what he said: “Biden Expresses Disappointment at Planned OPEC Oil Production Cut” (Voice of America).

European elites have been no less urgent in their calls to reduce the burning of fossil fuels during what we now understand to be the twilight hours of our beloved planet. Yet as soon as energy prices went, the Eurocrats introduced a range of schemes to subsidize energy prices, via borrowing and/or printing money, so that the peasants wouldn’t be exposed to the price signals from the market (i.e., they’d continue to see 2020 prices in 2022).

The only explanation that I can find for this situation is that folks from Martha’s Vineyard are directing energy and economic policy in most of Europe and at the White House.

Speaking of Martha’s Vineyard, I think that London might be the next destination for Air DeSantis. “Sanctuary House” (near the St. James Park tube station):

5 thoughts on “Are folks from Martha’s Vineyard handling energy policies worldwide?

  1. U.S. citizens will enjoy reading about the blessings of European-style corruption and central planning:

    In the beginning of the pandemic, Germany bought billions of substandard and overpriced masks, some from politically connected companies. Now they expire and are being “thermally recycled” (i.e., burned).

    It would have been more efficient and environmentally friendly to literally burn the money in the first place!

  2. Yes, but as NPR was very eager to note yesterday, the 2% cut they announced really only amounted to about 0.9% when All Things are Considered – because some of the OPEC+ members were already underproducing. If they had announced a 1% production cut, in other words, they would have only been cutting 0.1%, like a truckload or something. They could urinate a 0.1% production cut.

    So I guess the meme for this should be that the SUV didn’t toss the little girl out, only her backpack, or maybe the tablet her caregiver persons gave her to keep her quiet and learning something new every day thanks to the miracle of the Internet.

    I haven’t listened today, but it would be interesting to hear one of their wood-burning pundits say: “Biden shouldn’t be complaining! This kind of cut in fossil fuel production is exactly what he believes in, and nowhere near big enough!”

    But look, it’s a poke in Biden’s eye, because now that we’re in October, “buying votes” here in the USA is more important than ever. Dick Durbin is steamed!!!!

  3. Hi Alex. What happened?

    I have a more intelligent way of putting this, but not at this moment. I think I just saw someone die by the side of a road, no joke.

    • @Rick: I was in the middle of running an errand, came around a corner in an area where there aren’t usually pedestrians, and a woman was walking down the road, kind of herky-jerky, and she had an anguished and semi-panicked look on her face. I gave her a wide berth (there was no shoulder here!) and thought to stop – but she didn’t flag me down, so I thought: “That could very easily be misconstrued.” So I kept going but said to myself: “Something is wrong here. And I’ll bet I’ll see it.”

      I thought to take a different route on the way back about 20 minutes later, but morbid curiosity got the best of me and I drove back the same way. Sure enough, about 100 yards from where I first saw her, there were now three police cars, two ambulances, and a bunch of EMS and police, blocking the road. She was sitting on the side of the road way up at the front, and the cops and EMS workers were traversing a rough embankment down into a culvert. I couldn’t see what they were looking for, but it was quite obviously a person or person(s). One of the cops walked to up to me (I was first on the scene aside from them) and said: “We’ll be closing this road for a while, maybe an hour or more. Turn around and go back the other way through town, please.”

      “Sure, officer. I thought something was wrong here 25 minutes ago. I was coming the other direction when I saw her walking down the road by herself. She looked distressed but I didn’t stop because she didn’t flag me down.”

      “OK, thank you, that’s good to know.”

      Someone was in trouble in the woods, off the road. I haven’t checked the police blotter to find out what happened. It looks like maybe a domestic dispute that ended in a suicide.

  4. @Alex Good to hear nothing happened to you. Hope everyone involved in that story has their health.

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