Joe Biden headlines a COVID Superspreader event in Florida

Joe Biden should be speaking soon at an indoor COVID Superspreader event that the Followers of Science have organized here in South Florida. From Florida Memorial University:

Note, especially, “this event is expected to reach attendance capacity.” In other words, by design there will be a packed gym of people spreading aerosol SARS-CoV-2 to each other.

What’s especially confusing about this is that there are so many outdoor venues in which as many or more people could be accommodated. It will be partly cloudy with temps in the low 80s this evening in Miami Gardens.

Remember that the headline speaker is the one whose order that Americans wear masks in airports would still be in effect if it had not been found unconstitutional. Mere months after the judge’s order he is encouraging people to crowd together with no masks?

5 thoughts on “Joe Biden headlines a COVID Superspreader event in Florida

  1. We are being told that DeSantis is a dictator who does not let political opponents speak.

    How is it possible for Biden to appear in Florida? Is it perhaps an underground meeting (which could be the reason for the indoors location)?

    • The reasin for Biden appearing only indoors in Florida is seagulls. Most of them already figured out that the only thing Biden us good for is being a target for their droppings. Which makes seagulls smarter than the smartest Democrat.

  2. The last thing in the world we should encourage is more ill informed people to vote on election day. Better to encourage them to stay home the whole day, down a few brewskis, chow down a couple of bags of Doritos and play video games. Will also reduce traffic accidents, road rage shootings, spread of monkey pox and other salutary things.

  3. Why president campaign for their political parties on federal dime? Could they do something positive that benefits all Americans instead, like Bush II working on home improvements on his ranch, but instead in White House?

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