Will Democrats have to move if Republicans win in their states?

Democrats say that Americans will lose their democratic rights and be subjected to “fascism” if any Republicans are elected to positions of power today. Here’s an example from the Tyrant of Tallahassee’s opponent:

By implication, if Ron DeSantis wins Florida will be plunged into fascism and there won’t be any more democracy in Florida (it is almost gone and could be “saved” only via a Democrat victory). Surely Mr. Crist himself wouldn’t wish to stick around and live in a fascist state, right. Just as those who didn’t want to be subjected to school closures, lockdowns, mask orders, vaccination papers checks had to move to Florida in 2020-2021, won’t those in Florida who love Democracy and oppose fascism have to move to a Democrat-run state, e.g., California, New York, or Maskachusetts?

I assume that the same rhetoric is being ladled out by Democrats in other states. Let’s check in with neighboring Georgia:

Suppose that the hated Republican who has made Georgia unsafe is reelected. Georgians will continue to be “afraid to drop their kids off at school, attend a religious service or even go to the grocery store.” Wouldn’t it be logical for Stacey Abrams to move out of Georgia and into a safe state?

If Republicans, supporters of the January 6 insurrection, are as bad as Democrats say, nobody can be safe after this election in any state where Republicans control either the legislature or the governorship. Any Democrat who is physically able to move, therefore, should immediately flock to comfort in a state where there is no possibility of Republican political influence.

Update: In Charlie Crist’s concession speech, he opened with a “good congratulations to Governor DeSantis on his re-election” (YouTube). Instead of describing his plans to move away from fascism, in other words, he actually congratulated the fascist!

9 thoughts on “Will Democrats have to move if Republicans win in their states?

  1. I didn’t know Democrats have returned from Canada already – so many of them have left after Trump won in 2016… /s

  2. I have exceptionally poor social skills. I am not good at “reading between the lines” to tell when someone is saying something they do not mean. But even I can tell that the quotes cited above are hyperbole, and the speaker can’t possibly mean them.

    It is interesting how people have no moral standards for members of “their team”. The people who hate Trump for saying things that are not the capital T truth are happy to cheer on obvious hyperbolic lies from democrats.

    Phil, you show a steady stream of examples of this behavior. Any insight as to why people behave this way?

    • I don’t know if Crist believes it (probably not), but I’ve met woke software engineers who do believe that Trump is literally Mussolini, opponents of CRT are vile racists and anyone who contradicts that narrative (even with the caveat that he/she/ze/they is not a Trump voter) is a fellow traveler and must be canceled. And these counterrevolutionaries were canceled in 2020.

      So it is not only rhetoric, at least in some circles.

      You could say that these people are useful idiots. The persons who control them, like higher managers at FAANG, indeed have no particular loyalties and use any narrative that gives them power and furthers their careers.

    • That is an excellent point. The “left” thrived in the opposition during the Trump years. They are natural born opposition because in the opposition they don’t have to create anything.

  3. Giving up is not the American way, Phil. Maybe they will just take to the forests like the partisans in WW2 and make a stand there. Abrams looks like she could live off of the land for quite some time — especially if she brought along her prvate stash of Twinkies and Devil Dogs.

    • lion: You are betting on the all-abortion-care-all-the-time fossil Charlie Crist to prevail over the dynamic savior of the schools Ron DeSantis? I think it is a reasonable bet that democracy will not be saved in Florida today. Everyone whom I have talked to who is young and/or has children is grateful to Ron DeSantis. What’s the mechanism by which Ron DeSantis loses (and, thus, by which democracy is saved)?

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