Is Joe Biden the American Hugo Chavez?

A leader introduces bold Bigger Government policies. The economy deteriorates. Violent crime rates rise. Inflation rages. Even for those with money, there are shortages. Voters express their undiminished love for the leader under whom they’ve become poorer affirmed his leadership at the polls.

Who did this the best? Hugo Chavez! (see Hugo Chavez: Great politician; poor administrator for how the only thing that kept Hugo Chavez from winning more elections was his death from cancer in 2013)

If Hugo Chavez is the master, let’s check in regarding the apprentice. From the NYT:

“the best midterms of any president in 20 years” in what certainly is not the best economic environment or crime rate trend environment of the past 20 years. The article is also interesting because the purportedly neutral journalists characterize Biden’s borrow-and-spend schemes as “accomplishments”:

“I’m not going to change,” he said. While open to cooperation with Republicans, he defiantly said he would block any efforts by the opposition to unravel the accomplishments of his first two years. “I have a pen that can veto,” he said, making a signing motion with his hand.

Not “What he claims as his accomplishments” but verified-by-the-NYT accomplishments.

19 thoughts on “Is Joe Biden the American Hugo Chavez?

    • No, Biden is not. Hugo Chavez.

      Biden actually created 10 million new jobs since he came into office. 2021 and 2022 will be either the 2nd and 3rd or the 3rd and 4th highest years of oil production in US history. (Yes really)

      Link to the actual data for oil production in the United States from 1920 to September of 2022.

      Is disingenuous to say that Biden is responsible for the inflation and the economic issues.

      November 2019 was when the COVID pandemic started. All of 2020, and 2021 most of the world was shut down due to COVID. Then in 2022 we get a war started by Russia which resulted in an oil embargo and a grain embargo for months which was the driver for the majority of the inflation increase.

      This is not Trump’s fault. It certainly isn’t Joe Biden’s fault.

      COVID led a lot of people to determine that they don’t want to go back to work a regular job. Unemployment is artificially inflated due to the gig and side-hustle-to-main-hustle economy. If you don’t know what it is, look it up.

  1. Biden got a war for free and the Woke love it. Pelosi stirred up things further and now there is an additional Taiwan crisis. There is no anti war movement any more. It is politics 101 that one needs external threats to get reelected.

    Then Roe v. Wade hurt Republicans in swing states. And they had some terrible candidates. And people believe in the Jan 6th myth.

    Republicans need better candidates like DeSantis, who delivers. It is unfair that R has to deliver while D can subsist on ideology, lies, false promises and still get elected. But that is the current reality. At least people still recognize competence.

    • I don’t think there is a mechanism for this, but the Republicans would be substantially helped if they had some way of excluding candidates who are funded by Democrats. Anyone who wants to can sign up for a primary by getting some signatures, I think, and run as a Republican. I wonder if it would make sense for Democrats to hire actors to run as Republicans and say all of the right things to win a primary then, as soon as the primary is done, start saying totally crazy stuff (I would have said “fake a stroke” but being a stroke victim appears to be a way to win, not to lose).

    • You mention “good candidate”. Is the brain dead Fetterman a “good candidate”? Would love to know!

    • TS: Did Fetterman promise voters that they would be able to increase their spending power and standard of living without working harder? If so, he’s a good candidate!

    • TS: You missed the last paragraph. Democrats currently can have any candidate they want and still get elected. Republicans can’t.

      The point is that DeSantis did have a massive win, so it is possible (but the standards are higher for Republicans).

    • @PhilG Did Fetterman promise voters that they would be able to increase their spending power and standard of living without working harder? No. Fetterman is too brain dead to speak and understand English. He has not been able to make any coherent sentences since his stroke.
      @Anonymous (Angry Aussie?) You are right!

    • TS: Not everyone who contradicts you is Angry Aussie! Literally Ben Shapiro is making the same arguments about R candidate quality.

    • Wow! I don’t know where you been living for the past 50 years but the Republicans are the party of lies, disinformation and hate.

      And DeSantis is a budding fascist. And I live in Florida.

    • The Republicans have the most ideology out of any organization and they cling to it. “God said it so it has to be that way!” That’s what all idiots, and the majority of Republicans say.

      The average person has been better off under democratic administration. Rich people are better off under Republicans.

      Now, obviously there’s some exceptions like Jimmy Carter. And we can’t blame the 2020 economic downturn on Trump. We have to blame it on COVID.

      By the way, the last quarter of economic data, the US economy is growing at 2.6%.

      Joe Biden created 10 million jobs since he came into office.

      Just like the out of control inflation can be hung on the war in Ukraine, that caused a grain embargo for months, and an oil scare that drove oil through the roof.

      2022 should be the second highest amount of oil produced in the United States in history after 2019. Obviously 2020 was covid. 2021 was still recovering.
      the actual data for oil production in the United States from 1920 to September of 2022.

  2. Feels like baby boomers & generation X stopped worrying & learned to love the big government. In the past, the stonk market crashed when democrats gained power. Now it cheers when democrats gain power.

  3. October 2022 was the best month for the stock market in the last 40 years. That sounds like a pretty good economic trend if you ask me. Especially if you are one of the idle rich, with many equity investments, like “Dr” Phil.

    • Mike: I’m not sure what kind of experience you have as an investor, but generally speaking a one-month dead cat bounce is not characterized as an “economic trend.” This kind of market volatility is potentially useful to day traders, not to the idle rich who are generally buy-and-hold investors (day trading being inconsistent with “idle”). As noted in , once you adjust for inflation the stock market is down substantially compared to January 20, 2021 (the beginning of the Biden Administration).

    • Mike: Bitcoin has imploded further and one may wonder if the Democrat donations of FTX will pay off …

      “Bankman-Fried was the primary funder of the Protect Our Future PAC, which spent tens of millions of dollars in Democratic primaries this year. He also floated the idea of spending upwards of $1 billion in the 2024 presidential election to beat Donald Trump if he were the Republican nominee.”

      I guess Mike is one of the super rich if he equates a stock market bounce with a “good economic trend”. I suppose that all people that are currently being fired or whose jobs are replaced by immigrants will appreciate the bounce.

    • I’m not invested in cryptocurrency. At my work the intersection of cryptobros and right-wing Trump-loving idiots = 1.

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