4 thoughts on “How is Rivian stock doing?

  1. Assuming this isn’t one of those Trick Questions:

    November 16, 2022: 35.15
    November 16, 2021: 172.01
    20.4% or off 80% in a year.

    S&P 500:
    November 16, 2022: 3991.73
    November 16, 2021: 4700.90
    84.79 % or off 15% in a year.

    In October, Rivian suffered a legal setback regarding the enormous tax breaks (totaling $1.2B) associated with their plans to build a huge battery plant in Georgia.


    • It is a tricky question. You see, your calculation is way off. You didn’t take into account Bidenflation.

  2. There should be an internet application where someone can type in a stock ticker symbol and and compare a single stock to the S&P 500 over a one year period. I must admit I have not read “Software Engineering for Internet Applications” but maybe if I buy the book I could learn how to make an internet application that could perform this very task.

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