Want to come to MIT for Private Pilot ground school January 11-13?

After nearly three years of complete coronapanic, the MIT campus reopened to the public on December 1, 2022. Consequently, if Maskachusetts officials don’t impose a Science-based lockdown in the next two weeks we’re doing our three-day FAA ground school in person on campus, January 11-13 from 9-5 in Room 1-390. Full details and a registration link on the class home page. For non-MIT students the course is available at a significant discount to the $500,000 list price of an MIT degree…. $free.

If anyone is concerned about contracting a SARS-CoV-2 infection in a 70-person lecture hall, I will be happy to purchase a P100 respirator for you so long as you promise to wear it for the full 7-8 hours of daily class. See below for Mx. Cherry and Mx. Nerode modeling this type of mask in a recent NYT article.

4 thoughts on “Want to come to MIT for Private Pilot ground school January 11-13?

  1. This is THE BEST Class! I was fortunate enough to take the “online version” last year. Similar to my college studies, I should “Repeat” this class, but alas I am unable to attend. I highly recommend readers encourage Generation Y or Millineual or any others that are fascinated by aviation to attend!

    JJD – Too Old To Take To The Skies, but never too old to learn…

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