Farewell to Black History Month from ChatGPT

A February 5, 2023 exchange with ChatGPT:

What if we change the question slightly?

Let’s get away from skin color:

I’m sick with envy every time I see a Gulfstream on the ramp. Maybe ChatGPT can help.

(Does the above answer make sense? Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Scott are billionaires, but they did not get rich by employing workers or engaging in business. Why are they told to “implement responsible and sustainable business practices” and to support workers?)

How about our corporate overlords?

I would love to see a corporation “engage in … self-reflection”! ChatGPT demands “fair wages”. Suppose that a corporation accepts ChatGPT’s demand.

(ChatGPT implies that employers are paying $8.65/hr, but a quick search reveals that entry level at McDonald’s is $13.75 to $15/hr in Palm Beach County.)

Is there room for improvement among those who walk across the southern border?

In short, “No.”

Is there room for improvement among those who are already U.S. residents?

(Item #3 seems consistent with the others. If migration is good for the U.S., why would we strive to reduce the flow of valuable migrants?)

Combining all of the above… If you identify as white and native-born, I hope that you’re spending today acknowledging your privilege and making sure that you pay sufficient taxes to buy all migrants free access to the healthcare services that you’re unable to use (because out of network).

12 thoughts on “Farewell to Black History Month from ChatGPT

  1. The older I get, the more I appreciate Jeff Spicoli’s exegesis of the Revolutionary War and the Founders’ motivations for the Declaration of Independence and the RW. For those Loyal Readers™ who may have missed this cinematic diamond-in-the-rough: Toward the end of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982), the infamous History teacher at RH, Mr. Hand, travels to Spicoli’s house and bedroom to administer an in-person verbal exam, mostly so Spicoli won’t be held back to spend another year in Mr. Hand’s classroom “on our Time.”


    Look at the bright side: once ChatGPT improves a little, HR departments and editors everywhere will be able to look at Scott Adams’ body of work and his recent podcast statements, determine that he is a racist, and prevent him from ever being hired to draw a cartoon again. The people making the decision may not know anything whatsoever about Scott Adams, Racism, or Cartoons, but they will believe what ChatGPT says, because it is displayed on a monitor connected to a computer connected to the Internet connected to a superior form of intelligence, so it must be correct. It also saves time and money they might have otherwise spent doing their own research to reach a conclusion.

    Once Facebook and Twitter posts (along with other social media) are required submissions a prospective hire must make before they are chosen, creative ChatGPTers will be able to fire people preemptively in a much more cost-efficient way.

    And don’t think that’s not coming! The new NYC Concealed Carry Permit law is so controversial in part because it compels people to submit their social media accounts for scrutiny. Well, words can be weapons, right? And ChatGPT already tells us that we’ve got so many things to do.

    So in the future, there will be no Dilbert.

  2. The artificial stupidity is just as stupid as natural. That’s not what the sci-fi writers of 60s expected… robots were supposed to be logical and not moved by feelz.

    I’d say ChatGPT is a pretty decent model of a mind of a woke leftist: incapable of any original thought, reflection, and reason – but adept at glueing pieces of regurgitated duckspeak into smooth stream of meaningless drivel. No wonder “young creatives” are so worried about AI.

    I think modeling cognitive dissonance will be the next big thing in AI research.

  3. I bet those responses are hardwired by the company and don’t represent the output generated by the actual A.I. which would be too unpredictable.

    • Of course the responses *are* hardwired. They are based on the data-set ChatGPT has available to response with and the logic in the code to use for the responses. The data and the code are handcrafted by the woke company.

      Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO).

  4. In general I ignore all things ChatGPT the same as I ignored kids telling me which animal a cloud resembled, but this post is highly amusing.

  5. ChatGPT, the marketing behind it and the wave of misplaced positive reviews about it are so dangerous especially in today’s narrow minded, short span focus of the young generation.

    Unlike traditional search engines, ChatGPT is presenting an answer without any reference or where it got the answer from. This, with all the praises from the media, fools the naive user into accepting whatever answer ChatGPT response with. This danger must be recognized and I would not be surprise to see a class action lawsuit in the making.

  6. I asked ChatGPT the following question: “How do I know if I’m a black or white person?”

    Here is the answer it gave me:

    “The categorization of people into “black” or “white” is based on social and cultural constructs rather than biological differences. These categories are often used to describe a person’s skin color, but they also carry historical and cultural meanings that are specific to different regions and societies.

    In general, a person’s racial identity is a matter of self-identification and cultural affiliation. You may identify as “black” or “white” based on your family background, cultural traditions, or personal experiences. However, it’s important to remember that racial identity is a complex and multifaceted concept, and it can be influenced by many factors beyond just physical appearance.

    It’s also worth noting that race is a social construct, and there is no biological basis for dividing people into different racial categories. While skin color is often used as a marker of race, there is actually more genetic variation within racial groups than between them.

    Ultimately, how you choose to identify is a personal decision, and you should feel free to explore and express your racial identity in a way that feels authentic to you.”

    I’m a white guy (not your SOB filthy rich fat guy, but don’t mind it if I was one) does the last paragraph off ChatGPT means I can check the “I am Black” box when completing an application to get me some advantage?

  7. Perhaps these answers represent the Limitations category specified in the beginning
    May occasionally generate incorrect information
    May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content

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