Celebrating Black people, but not hiring any

Here’s a pharma company that celebrates Black women:

The executive team, according to the company’s “Our People” page:

Maybe there are some Black employees just below the “executive “leadership” level?

It looks as though the top of the “people” page is a stock photo that includes a Black woman. The office building in which these non-Asian stock photo models are assembled has exposed brick walls. Below this is a photo of some actual employees. The walls are painted sheetrock and the workforce has a decidedly different skin color distribution compared to the stock photo models:


6 thoughts on “Celebrating Black people, but not hiring any

  1. Well, look at it this way, Philip: When it came time for the Democrats to get tough on crime (or at least sound tough on crime for the cameras) it was not because one of their friends or relatives had been killed or one of their own properties had been broken into, burned to the ground, occupied by Commies, Antifa, the Democratic Socialists of America or anything else. They changed their collective tune because they *lost a Comrade* in an election.

    And not just any Comrade, the mayor of a huge city who was helping to humiliate and demoralize her own police force while telling people that her city was Safe. Then she received the worst trouncing as a single-term Mayor perhaps in the history of Chicago. Then – and only then – did a handful of Donks stand up and say: “Maybe it’s time to get tough on crime, or at least sound like it for the cameras.”

    So before they get around to fixing this problem, I guess they’re going to have to lose another big election. That’s the only thing that registers, so let’s motivate them.

    • I should note that we can make a rough approximation about how much the Donks really “care” about Black people by simply noticing that most of the crime victims I’m referring to are Black, and they get killed or gravely inured due to rampant Black-on-Black crime. Lori Lightfoot was such an unconflicted liar to people who share the melanin in their skin that she used to stand up in front of the press and tell them Chicago was safe at the same exact instant some Black person was getting killed or robbed or invaded or carjacked or whatever. And Black people in Chicago were more than intelligent enough to know they were being screwed and lied to, and voted to help toss her into the Dustbin of History.

      As per usual, it takes a lot of dead Little People to make Democrats change their tune and rethink their message. It pains them deeply because they believe that people living on the streets, addicted to heroin and now Fentanyl, (which the Chinese help supply by selling the precursor chemicals to the Mexican cartels) or carjacking and shoplifting, mugging, shooting, revenge killing and all the rest — are just part of an alternative lifestyle those people have chosen for themselves.

      So maybe their argument should be that it’s not due to lack of effort or goodwill that so many companies have leadership rosters that look like a 1961 Rotary Club meeting – it’s because they think Black people have just chosen not to aspire to those jobs. And why should they? when the former Mayor of Chicago has the balls to tell them their city is safe at the same instant they’re hauling away their loved ones to the grave. It’s discouraging in the extreme! But that’s how they like to run their cities. Maybe if so many Black people weren’t growing up in a war zone led by a Mayor who doesn’t give a damn, more of them would finish school, go on to College and become members of those Boards. They’re going to keep having a hard time if their Progressive Comrades don’t stop thinking it’s OK for people to live that way in America.

      Of course, first they’ll have to fix the little problem that more than 60 Chicago area schools recently had **ZERO** students who could demonstrate skills at their grade level. That’s going to take some time to work out! A lot of Black people are going to perpetuate the cycle of drugs, gangs, murder and crime and ruined lives because they don’t come away from their time as Chicago public school students with anything approaching an “education.”

      Wait! Wait, I know: it’s time to legalize psychedelics! Just dose the Blacks until they can’t leave the house, I guess that’s the plan.

  2. But, but, the president goes on stage with his Marlon Brando Godfather voice and his aviator glasses and tells us that Black Lives Matter! It must be true!

    (Who was the first president to use that voice? Clinton? Trump also does it.)

  3. I guess the question is whether the woke fall for what might be called “blackwashing”: like greenwashing they complain about where companies pretend to be green but aren’t. What makes sense is to focus on merit irrespective of irrelevant attributes like race, not discriminating based on race or favoring certain races. It seems it’d be ideal if companies could respond to woke pressure by wokewashing and superficial virtue signaling having nothing to do with reality, and then focusing on merit in reality. Unfortunately it seems unlikely they’ll get away with it and those that are caught will be pressured into making amends by going overboard with pushing DEI throughout their company. Though its unclear its useful to help the woke by pointing out examples for them to go after. These days woke techies may (or will in the future) have search alerts to find any examples of wokewashing to ensure they don’t let them stand, that trigger woke bot armies generating text from LLMs to spread tweets and posts attacking those caught faking wokery.

  4. none of the men in the photos are young enough (if there is such a thing) or attractive enough not to be wearing neck ties with collared shirts.


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