Condemning the apartheid state of Israel in Harvard Yard

Israel has been in the news lately due to a proposal to change the country’s judiciary to be more like what we have here in the U.S. (Wikipedia) This will result in “tyranny” replacing “democracy” (nytimes). (Perhaps Israelis can flee this tyranny and seek asylum in Syria or Lebanon?)

Photos taken on March 12, 2023 in Harvard Yard include a Palestine flag in a window and some messages urging a boycott of a Harvard group trip to Israel.

This was in the same building as the “BGLTQ” office (not 2SLGBTQQIA+? or LGBTQ?):


According to Amnesty International’s 2020 report on Palestine, “Section 152 of the Penal Code in Gaza criminalizes [male] consensual same-sex sexual activity and makes it punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment.” Palestine has no civil rights laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination nor harassment

We had previously walked by the Lutheran church featured in Bulletin board at the Lutheran chuch (2019). Their pro-Palestinian material was not visible from the exterior, but they do have a rainbow and a Black Lives Matter sign:

Down at the river, there are rainbow benches, but no BLM benches;

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    • Saying the Jews control Hollywood is just one my many “Leitmotif”s I use regularly this site! Whenever Phil says anything about the Jews I say “the Jews control hollywood” and I am personally grateful they do. Other popular Leitmotifs I use on this site include “I don’t care about Black Lives Matter”. “Ni*ger whaa?” “I hope Russia wins the war”. “Like Obama always says if you like ____ you can keep ____” or sometimes I just say “This is great” (a statement referencing Phil’s “comment moderation policy”.

    • Don’t go out of character, Toucan — it ruins the shtick. There is at least one member of the Hebrew persuasion that has over the years enjoyed your comments.

    • Obama said: if Toucan Sam likes his BLM flag, he can keep his BLM flag (next to his Pride flag).

      @TS, when will you share a picture of your airplane with BLM painted on one side and Pride on the other side, with a tail banner flag “I hope Russia wins the war” flying over Martha’s Vineyard?

    • “The Jews Control Hollywood!” is one of my favorite TS leitmotifs, but the hard, ugly truth is that the Jews control Toucan Sam! Mel Blanc (originally “Blank”) did his voice, and Blanc was indisputably from Jewish ancestry!

      “Follow Your Nose! It Always Knows!” – as Olson Johnson said after Gabby Johnson’s passionately indecipherable speech in Blazing Saddles: “Now who can argue with that?”

      “Blanc was born on May 30, 1908 in San Francisco, California, to Eva (née Katz), a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant,[8] and Frederick Blank (born in New York to German Jewish parents)[citation needed]”

      Circling back around to the OP: Harvard must have some really funny people working in the Admissions Office. First they decided to admit Jews, and now they must make sure they admit enough pro-Palestinian activists who do their best to make their lives miserable for scheduling things like a trip to Israel that is “Open to All.” My goodness!

  1. It seems that “protesting” and supporting the latest cause du jour is required for graduation from elite schools these days. And, if you do not support these causes, you are labeled as sexist, racist, Islamaphobic, etc. These college protestors should try going to Palestine to protest for LGBTQIA+ rights and see how they’re received. Palestinian gays have, in fact, been known to flee to Israel to avoid the harsh treatment (or worse) that they would’ve received in their home country.

  2. In the 1960s the student topics were free speech, anti-war and civil disobedience. Now it is the occasional performative anti-Israel protest and rainbow marketing.

    I suppose that the current students have been brainwashed by their iPhones for more than 10 years now, so the results are as expected. Protests are allowed as long as they are in the approved Overton window. I’m sure there ẃeren’t any “Free Assange” signs.

  3. Wokeness and Israel have amazing contradictions. Israel is intensely ethno-nationalist (is there any country more so?). They don’t accept general immigration. If it didn’t change recently, they sometimes require genetic testing to establish a person’s eligibility to stay. Israel also holds down a subject population in ways that invite comparison with Northern Ireland and South Africa.

    Those things are not remotely compatible with wokeness. Yet supporters of Israel are prominent and powerful in the Woke world. How is that tension sustained? How long can it last?

    • > How is that tension sustained? How long can it last?

      It will last for as long as the Arabs remain stupid, and Israel will make sure the Arabs remain stupid.

      If the Arabs want to eliminate Israel, they can do so within 2 generations. All that they have to do is play it smart and be friends with Israel. If they do so, in 2 generations, the Arabs can take over all major offices in Israel and become the political majority. No guns, no rocks, no riots, just make temporary friends with your enemy.

    • It is all very similar to Ukrainian war. WW I style hyper-nationalistic propaganda (like German soldiers allegedly killing nuns in WW I), and willingness to protect Ukrainian borders in long lasting bloody war to the last Ukrainian does not seem to be in accord with woke ideology.
      In Ukrainian as in Israel conflict, complete unwillingness to come to practical solution which would minimize suffering on both sides has little to do with conflict between Ukrainians and Russians, or with conflict between Jews and Arabs.
      Perpetual war was important part of 1984.

  4. BGLTQ is LGBTQ in alphabetical order? To avoid the show of any preference to any particular letter?

    • Yes, I think the order matters. First it was GLBTQ, which oppressed women because they only had the second letter (according to the most recent theories, of course men can be lesbian and women can be gay, too).

      Alternatively, Harvard feels the need to distinguish itself, in the same manner that they use “veritas” on their shield, whereas Trump just uses “truth”.

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