Billboards for Palm Beach from MoveOn

Here’s a Facebook ad that MoveOn paid to show me… “Will you chip in now to help put up billboards outside Mar-a-Lago … “. If I give them enough money, they’ll construct an Interstate highway-style billboard right outside Donald Trump’s bedroom:

The linked-to page asks for monthly donations of $400 or more (“Individual contributions will be allocated as follows: $5,000 per calendar year to a bank account that operates as a Federal PAC, and the remainder to the Non-Contribution Account of the PAC.”) and says, “Chip in monthly to help put up billboards outside Mar-a-Lago and widen the Trump-Fox News rift.”

This sounds like a great way to spend $5,000 per year, but it is a little confusing given that the national historic landmark Mar-a-Lago is in Palm Beach, Florida, which is not famous for having a lot of billboards or other commercial signs. Palm Beach County flatly prohibits billboards and other “off-site signs” in its unincorporated areas, though perhaps a town or city could permit them. (Some pre-1988 billboards were grandfathered in by the county.)

Here’s Google StreetView:

3 thoughts on “Billboards for Palm Beach from MoveOn

  1. I am shocked, shocked(!!) that a fundraising email sent by an organization as reputable as would tell a story that sounds good to partizan democrats without being possible to implement in the real world!

    • The ad has hundreds of enthusiastic comments from people who say that they donated. So it is highly effective. None of them questioned the practicality of a billboard anywhere near Palm Beach per se.

  2. Big Media did the work for MoveOn and has purged Carlson. Murdoch’s WSJ pushes out centrist messaging for the next election (probably correct from the perspective of regaining the federal votes that were squandered by overconfident governors).

    We’ll lose Carlson’s actual journalism. Even NYT commenters acknowledge it (

    “From here in Canada, this leftist will say that Tucker Carlson was the only journalist in America (or Canada, not that we matter) who would actually say the truth, however controversial, e.g., going after institutions like the military and the CIA. He also voiced some really awful opinions, but again, he stood alone in voicing critical truths.”

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