Diversity is our strength, NASA edition

Many moons ago, so to speak, I was a Fortran programmer on the Pioneer Venus project. Here’s a recent tweet from my former employer:

There’s “space for everyone” and “different perspectives” are valuable. But on the other hand, there is no space for perspectives from taxpayers who fund the agency.

Also, why is it just “LGBTQI+”? Why not 2SLGBTQQIA+?

Finally, if the future of the galaxy is female, according to Science and the baseball cap below, why does NASA hire anyone who identifies as of the 73 other genders recognized by Science? Why is “diversity” better than betting on the winning gender?


18 thoughts on “Diversity is our strength, NASA edition

  1. The fascist Rainbow movement uses the same language everywhere. “Personal attack” is widely used power talk for “Shut up and obey!”

    Is NASA still producing spacecraft or are they produced by uninspiring 50-year-old white males employed by heretic and deplorable Musk?

  2. At first I did not realize that the Babylon Bee story was satire, it seemed quite realistic. How about Brandon making a speech that paraphrases Kennedy’s speech writer?

    The U.S. should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of constructing a bathhouse on the Moon and keep it operating safely.

  3. All the “teaching” and the mandatory training that we have to take and pass (assuming you work for the government of a Big company) about DEI is creating Division, Exclusion, and Infriction. This is the true meaning of “DEI”.

  4. I Just completed my annual mandatory 6-hours of on-line diversity training ordered by my employer’s HR department. I wonder if HR staff are required to undergo the same training?

  5. All this talking about one’s sexual preferences is getting overdrawn, why isn’t the public exhausted with it? Why are we so concerned about an interaction that takes up very small portion of one’s life, especially as one gets older. You take this thing called sex, which you do just what, 2-3 times a week when your in your prime years, and then amplify it into something so important for everyone to see. It’s like telling everyone, hey I love to eat yogurt for breakfast, and everyone needs to know that and accept that, especially those people who just eat toasted bread everyday and can’t imagine anyone eating anything else.

  6. As a long time loyal reader, I must say I am getting tired of this constant nit picking about how Pride Month is being observed, here the complaint seems to be that NASA did not leave open for public comment long enough its Pride plans. Why not focus instead on some of the contributions trans people have made to this great nation of ours? We all know about that great crime fighter J. Edgar Hoover, who after a hard day tracking down communists and other subversives liked to slip into something frilly while watching TV with Clyde. But why not mention Martha, formerly Martin, Washington? Betsy, nee Bernie, Ross? And Adele, who would really name their kid Adlai, Stevenson? It is your blog, but might I suggest that some uplifting positive stories might increase readership?

    • Hoover is the role model for the 2SLGBTQQIA+ Stasi. I’ve met many mini-Hoovers at work who do nothing but building dossiers on heterosexual male high performers in order to cancel them.

    • It’s kind of amusing that the left once hated a gay transvestite so very intensely. Cancellation when?

    • I believe you are wrong – Moon has a special place in hearts of everybody celebrating Pride – e.g. the word “mooning” describes the most common activity of participant of Pride events!

  7. I could believe that Goddard at one time might have seemed like it was 40% Jewish engineers, especially the day after Christmas.

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