Say goodbye to Pride month with a Bud Light Clamato?

Here’s a suggestion for showing your passion for all things 2SLGBTQQIA+: drink a few Bud Light Clamatos. From Bryce Canyon earlier this month…

Separately, have Bud Light sales recovered yet? At least in Florida, folks didn’t seem to be holding the company’s excursion into transgender advocacy against the brand. More than half of the customers at the New York, New York Tiki Bar in Titusville, FL (perfect spot for watching SpaceX launches) were drinking the elixir and the bartender reported no slowdown in sales. Photo from May 21, 2023:

Note that Bud Light has been a transgender brand since at least 1987. Spuds Mackenzie was assigned female at birth, but identified as a male party animal.

(As it happens, I have been boycotting Bud Light for more than three decades. If I ever do start drinking beer, I don’t think it will be one mixed with clamato.)

Don’t drink alcohol? Perhaps you’d prefer to spend 5 cents on a frosty Coca-Cola ($15 adjusted for Bidenflation?). Recent photos from the Coke store in Orlando, Florida:

4 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Pride month with a Bud Light Clamato?

  1. Inspired by This Pride’s merchandise, what would be good business opportunities for Next Pride?

    I like the idea of Chinese characters on the Coca Cola T-shirt. How about a Pride flag with 白左 ( written on it?

    Bud Light does not go far enough. How about Estro Light, a beer laced with estrogen to eliminate toxic masculinity?

  2. Beer and Clamato (clam broth + tomato juice) isn’t as horrible as it sounds. Though it’s an acquired taste, it’s common in Western Canadastan, where it originated. More popular cocktail is the “Caesar”: vodka and Clamato, with dashes of Worcestershire and shot sauce, served with a celery stick. It was inspired by an Italian pasta dish with clams + tomato sauce.

    • Yes! A Ceasar makes a great savoury breakfast drink. Try one when you’re in Canada – it’s not too different from a Bloody Mary. Clamato is less “thick” than tomato juice. The glass is typically rimmed with celery salt and may also be served with olives or pickled beans. My mouth is watering – time for breakfast!

      I’m always saddened when traveling because nobody else in the world makes them. Though I did get one at the Denver airport once, perhaps they get a lot of Canadian traffic.

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