Oshkosh to San Francisco Tent Truck

Loyal readers may remember the Bloomberg Abortion Care Bus. This post explores the question of whether it would make sense to transport almost-new tents from EAA AirVenture (“Oshkosh”) to San Francisco.

When perhaps 50,000 overnight visitors converge on a town with a population of 66,000 and just a handful of hotels, many tents are pitched. The return journey is usually via light airplane or commercial airline and, therefore, tents are often discarded after a week of use. What about delivering these tents to the vulnerable sidewalk-dwellers of San Francisco and surrounding communities? A truck that gets loaded up starting on Thursday morning and that departs AirVenture on Sunday night.

Here’s a typical “let’s take a vacation in my private Boeing” situation:

Here’s a pilot who won’t have any space for souvenirs in the 1940 Funk unless he loses the tent:

The weather was forecast mostly peaceful and thunderstorm-free for the entire week. What was the actual weather above our Walmart tent this morning?

If the tent truck is a good idea, which California billionaire who expresses passion for housing the unhoused should it be named after? My vote: the Benioff Tent Truck (see, for example, https://cvp.ucsf.edu/programs/benioff-homelessness-and-housing-initiative ).

Labor Day stop for the truck: Burning Man! Speaking of that, Tumbleweed gave a great talk at OSH about her experience running the temporary airport at Burning Man. The airport now has a contract tower staffed by Oshkosh veterans.

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  1. Obama expressed concern for the migrants who drowned off the coast of Greece while he was vacationing with his broski Tom Hanks, on a yacht probably. Obama didn’t for a minute offer his lavish compound on Martha’s Vineyard to migrants the Florida governor flew to Hollywood East. Those migrants spent about 36 hours in a church (with one or two 1/2 BAs) before being sent to a military base for housing, meals, medical care, etc.. (as to where they are now, who knows?). But the idea of recycling the tents from Burning Man and from this airplane convention — sounds great!

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