Sanctuary for undocumented immigrants in New Jersey


A day after President Donald Trump’s administration filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn controversial restrictions on when police New Jersey can cooperate with federal immigration officials, Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday vowed to defend the policy “with great vigor.”

“Fearmongering for the purposes of an election only further complicates the work of law enforcement and jeopardizes public safety,” the governor said in a statement. “We will continue to provide a welcoming and inclusive home for our immigrant communities.”

“This is beyond inclusivity, celebrating and embracing diversity, being good human beings,” he continued. “I hope we always are that and continue to be. But this is cold-bloodedly about the safety and security of all nine million folks who call this great state their home.”

Now, Politico:

No sanctuary in New Jersey: Democrats about-face on migrants as election looms

The Biden administration’s decision to float Atlantic City International Airport as one of 11 potential sites to house migrants living in New York City put New Jersey Democrats in a tough spot.

… with state lawmakers up for reelection in November, Gov. Phil Murphy and other state Democrats — many who’d previously pledged to make New Jersey a “sanctuary state” — immediately pushed back.

“I don’t see any scenario where we’re going to be able to take in a program in Atlantic City or, frankly, elsewhere in the state,” Murphy said in a TV interview.

Does this mean that Gov. Murphy is now a “bad human being”?

A 2018 tweet from the “good human being” version of this governor:

(Immigration enabled cities to “flourish”)

Murphy was a “good human being” with a mask in January 2023:

(Why is it only “every child” who gets taxpayer-funded health care in New Jersey? Shouldn’t the governor also extend coverage to every adult, including undocumented migrants?)

In 2020, Murphy celebrated the ability of the undocumented to “fully participate” in an economy that he had shut down for coronapanic:

Back to 2018, concern for “our immigrant communities” (which presumably include the undocumented):

How did someone who was so good become bad?


  • ChatGPT and Women’s History Month (in which Governor Murphy says that he is passionate about “true equality” for women, but refuses to resign his unearned position of power so that a politician who identifies as a “woman” can take his place)