Israel in Crisis, print edition

My mother is an American Jewish liberal Democrat (some redundancy in there?) and bought us a gift subscription to Moment, the magazine for American Jewish liberal Democrats. The latest issue arrived in the mail a few days ago. One of the cover stories is “Israel in Crisis”. Does this refer to the October 7 attack by Palestinians coming out of Gaza? To the military and political challenge of how Israel can fight a group that hunkers down in, around, and underneath hospitals? No. The “crisis” referred to relates to how power in Israel is divided between parliament and the supreme court (the democratically elected parliament is packed with haters, perhaps due to the large number of Jews in Israel who are descended from those who fled Arab countries starting in 1948 while the supreme court is enlightened, progressive, liberal, etc.).

I think this is a good illustration of the limitations of print-and-mail!


9 thoughts on “Israel in Crisis, print edition

  1. Have you lost your marbles my good fellow? you tell us about whatever political bullshit, when we read, smack on the cover

    ‘Locusts: the New Kosher Superfood’

    How can there be any other discussion? oy vey!

  2. For another example, the Economist’s special report “The World in 2020”, as published towards the end of 2019! And then again, “The World in 2022”!

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