Ireland creates a mural for the Oakland, California schools

A tweet from a Northern Irish politician (my mole on the island says that she is “Sinn Fein IRA”):

We can zoom in on the scene of two Jews attacking a helpless Palestinian child with teddy bear via AH-64 Apache helicopter and Hellfire missile. (This fits with the media tendency to depict Palestinians as helpless victims, which is the opposite of how Palestinians see themselves.)

(I do find it interesting that a 31-year-old woman would say that she wants to “stand with Palestine” right after the Gazans (combination of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and “civilian” males) went through the fence and did what they wanted to do with 31-year-old women (and other ages). Maybe she means “stand with Palestine, but not in or around Gaza”?)

How soon before we see poster versions of this mural in UNRWA and Oakland, California schools?

Separately, the Irish in Ireland (proper) seem to have managed to host plenty of violence recently without any helicopters or missiles. “34 arrested in Ireland riots after child is stabbed in Dublin” (Fox):

Police in Ireland arrested 34 people in relation to riots that swept through Dublin on Thursday, when cars and a bus were burned following a stabbing earlier in the day.

Around 500 people wreaked havoc on the streets, with about a dozen stores looted while rocks and bottles were thrown at crowd control officers equipped with helmets and shields. An empty tram train that had been left at a stop had its windows smashed and was also set on fire.

The violence began after rumors circulated that a foreign national was responsible for a stabbing outside a school on Thursday afternoon.

The suspect, who is understood to be of Algerian descent and is a naturalized Irish citizen, attacked three children with a knife outside an elementary school in the city center just after 1:30 p.m. A 5-year-old girl was seriously injured, while the two other children, a boy and a girl, suffered minor injuries.

Last month, Yousef Palani, who is of Iraqi descent, was convicted of murdering two men in an apparent anti-gay attack. One murder victim was decapitated with 43 stab wounds, and the second man was stabbed 25 times mainly to his head, neck and chest, according to court reports.

The Daily Mail has some more details:

The chief suspect in the multiple stabbing that left a five-year-old girl fighting for her life was arrested earlier this year for possession of a knife, the Irish Daily Mail has learned.

The man, originally from Algeria, has been living in Ireland for the past two decades. He took Irish citizenship more than a decade ago.

The man, who is in his late 40s, has come to Garda attention several times in the past year.

Sources have told this newspaper that the man was living in Dublin City Council hostel accommodation before he went on the rampage off Parnell Square on Thursday afternoon.

I think the “diversity is our strength” story here is that the guy arrived in his 20s, a prime age for working, but after 20 years was still living at taxpayer expense.

An elite Irish friend finds little to admire among the rioters. He sent me this:

Speaking of the elites, the unrest in Dublin yielded one of my more popular Twitter replies (to some sort of BBC TV personality):


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  1. Guess it’s enduring news for Greenspun because of the heavy involvement in jewcraft. For lions, the big news is how many more animals are drooling over a $40k truck after it was marked up to $61k. A 50% price increase must be perceived as an increase in value.

  2. All the blogs and websites I read that normally have nothing to do with world affairs that are run by Jews have suddenly become 24/7 Jewbity-Jew-Jew 360 Jew-Israel-Antisemitism HQ. A lot of these people I had no idea were Jewish. Why not start a second “Jew Blog,” and link to it? It’s like when someone’s Twitter account all of a sudden starts sending out minute-by-minute live commentary about some big game you don’t give a shit about, or someone ruins Thanksgiving with some political rant. Most Americans (49 out of 50) are not Jews and don’t care about this stuff.

    • I would agree with you that fighting in and around Israel should not be the focus of the world’s attention, especially for those who say that climate change is an existential threat to humanity. On the other hand, it is not only Jews who are interested in this fight. Consider that keeping the fight going indefinitely is so important to the United Nations (all of humanity) that it guarantees to support an unlimited number of Palestinians forever (thus enabling Palestinians to put 100 percent of their productive effort into war). The fight in Israel/Gaza is also important to Russia right now because it has gotten the world to stop caring about Ukraine. And, as we see by protests in various Islamic countries (including France and the UK), the fight is something that 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide care about.

    • Babylon Bee should tie-in Ireland being headquarters to tax cheat European corporations into this. Who else would ask for speech infringing laws? Anyone who seen emails from HR departments in large corporations would think they sponsored the laws.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Sinn Fein IRA is kinda hot? Objectively speaking she is an object I wouldn’t mind fucking.

  4. More people going to flee northern country of Ireland due to global warming, presumably not only to Alaska and Arctic? This deserves to be subject of another Babylon Bee theme. Or did he weaved global warming into the phrase not to be accused of hate speech crime, similarly like in older times in former USSR adding Lenin/Stalin/Brezhnev/Communist Party to otherwise questionable speech were likely to protect from persecution, smaller authorities being afraid to being seen as disagreeing with Lenin/Stalin/Brezhnev/ CP line?

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