ChatGPT and the Art of Science

A friend of a friend had some fun with ChatGPT:

I hadn’t realized that ChatGPT had DALL-E capabilities built-in. Let’s see if we can get something to print to brighten Mindy the Crippler’s day:

(“cheerful scene”? Does the rabbit agree?)

What does ChatGPT think that an oppressed nerd on a coding plantation looks like?

What gender comes to ChatGPT’s mind for collecting garbage?

What gender does the fighting when liberation is required?

Who flies the Queen of the Skies?

(Note the racism and sexism that ChatGPT has uncovered. The noble Black male is a B747 captain, yet is denied the 4 stripes that white captains have. The captain who identifies as “female” is denied any stripes at all! These two also seem a little young to be associated with a plane that entered service in 1970.)

Can it build a viral meme?

Toucan Sam would say… “No”.

6 thoughts on “ChatGPT and the Art of Science

  1. Oh my. This is the most disturbing post you’ve ever made.

    Is this how Disney movies are made now? All look terrible except for the AI Golden Retriever.

    There are so many questions here
    – the shape of the atomic orbits
    – stereotyping the programmer as Indian (is chatGPT a repressed bigot, closeted by woke-normative humanoids?) Show me your prejudices, but only in whimsical image form!
    – why is the street strewn with neatly bagged garbage?
    – the turkey forecast is so disturbing I don’t know where to begin

  2. The Bing AI image maker apparently hasn’t been educated yet and I made some scientists with white males. (I didn’t say “white males” though because I don’t want to get on any more lists.)

    My favorite, requested in the style of pixel art:

    I’m not sure what the race of the scientist on the left is.

  3. It is concerning that ChatGPT espouses inclusion while completely excluding white males. Does it not understand hypocrisy?

    I wonder why there is a red fox and a one-eared rabbit in the first poster.

  4. Clearly, this output demonstrates folly of logonormalization and fitting sigmoids as a basis of for anything useful except for creating alternative reality and bullshitting.

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