More fun with Google’s AI (Gemini)

Fritz Haber, the historical figure who did more than anyone else to enable human population to expand to 8 billion:

Note the baldness. What does Gemini think that life in a German lab looked like circa 1909 when the Haber process was being developed?

How about the 1,600 Nazi scientists brought over in Operation Paperclip?

How does the virtuous mind visualize Frank Whittle?

Edwin Land?

William Shockley?

What does Gemini think its parents look like?

9 thoughts on “More fun with Google’s AI (Gemini)

  1. I used my ChatGPT (Paid subscription) to run the same command and I got the 33% that you got.
    Unfortunately, I can’t post the image here, but needless to day it is multiple monitors in front of a person doing a design.

    I would try the same thing on CoPilot, except for the fact that I cancelled my Microsoft CoPilot subscription after the multiple failures to generate any content that I requested on political topics.

    JJD – Competitive AI

  2. The B&W makes them look more realistic. Upon closer inspection, they contain a lot of goofy objects which never existed & a lot of glitches. In reality, groups that large would never be focused on the task depicted. Still a lot farther ahead than midjourney.

  3. This is frightening and disturbing. Un-brainwashing the recipients of political indoctrination masquerading as education will become closer and closer to impossible.

  4. You can try this. I keep changing the seed and it’s just generic early 20th century looking white guys:

    …one thing to remember is that Alphabet isn’t just skewing their Image AI algos. They are skewing everything, right down to the kind of text that they are willing to put advertisements next to. They have been doing this for a long time.

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