Rich Jew brave enough to put on the mantle of victimhood

From a middle-aged Jewish Trump-hating Facebook friend:

Shocked, awed and very proud to see Billy Joel come on stage for his encores last night at MSG [Madison Square Garden] wearing a Star of David to protest the rise of nazism and anti-semitism.

(Of course, the persecuted Facebook friend is wealthy enough to live in Manhattan so he can hop the subway to hear Billy Joel perform.)

As a classical music listener, nothing gives me more pleasure than celebrating American pop stars. My response:

Given Barry Manilow, Neil Sedaka, and Billy Joel, it is shocking that there is anyone on this planet with an anti-Jewish point of view.

Let’s not forget my favorite singer (and Jew): Michael Bolton (link to the great artist singing When a Man Loves a Woman; I restrained myself from linking to this Office Space clip)

The Facebook Trump-hater:

Make no mistake, this is no ordinary Jewish symbol, but rather the star that all Jews were required to wear by the Nazis! I think it’s an especially powerful, courageous act, especially for a mainstream performer who is known for not taking political stands.

In other words, a guy with over $100 million in assets, a cordon of security goons, and a waiting Gulfstream at Teterboro can be “courageous” by wearing a patch on his sleeve. I refrained from asking whether this wasn’t like a female Goldman Sachs partner knitting a pussy hat and marching to complain that women aren’t paid enough.


20 thoughts on “Rich Jew brave enough to put on the mantle of victimhood

  1. Wearing a star or removing a headphone jack can both now be considered courageous acts.

  2. No-one is more persecuted than blog commenters. Where’s the star of Greenspun?

  3. Thanks, Toucan, but I am nothing like Ivanka Trump. For starters, I am not young, attractive, or intelligent! (Nor did I convert to Judaism…)

  4. @philg

    In the post-modern world of today, can’t you just self-identify as young, attractive, and intelligent? I, for one, would celebrate your courage in doing so!

  5. Repeat:
    if self aggrandizement() > 0:
    write_blog(troll_bait(women | jews | rich | Dems)))
    until friends <= 0

  6. Strangely relevant and on topic

    And I think I’ve done it! I think I’ve identified the qualities in [Joel]’s work that distinguish his badness from other kinds of badness: It exhibits unearned contempt. Both a self-righteous contempt for others and the self-approbation and self-congratulation that is contempt’s backside, so to speak. Most frequently a contempt for the supposed phoniness or inauthenticity of other people as opposed to the rock-solid authenticity of our [Joel]

    The Awfulness of Billy Joel Explained

  7. Update: I found out that Bill Joel is playing in Boston tonight. My local Facebook friends, e.g., a rich gynecologist/fertility doc, interrupted their stream of hatred for Trump and Republicans to celebrate their attendance at this concert in our main baseball stadium.

  8. We are about 0.75 miles from Fenway Park, and I can hear him singing Uptown Girl right now in fact. I was wondering what that noise was outside.

  9. True Roger # 12. he should wear both Star of David and MAGA hat! US is no Germany of 1930th or USSR and neither this country is ruled by islamists. So he could do something more extravagant. I like Billy Joel’s music, think that he is pretty good. Artist’s eccentricity is expected and always excused by society.

  10. Gulf Stream at Teterboro? No way. I thought he did all his flyin’ in a taxi? Or do I have him confused with someone else?

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