New York City High School: two days per week, two hours per day

I was chatting with a friend last night. His son is a high school student in the New York City public school system. What’s the experience, 14 months into coronapanic and four months after teachers became eligible for vaccines? “It’s two days per week, two hours per day,” he explained. “But there is no teaching. It’s like a study hall. We just talk to our friends.” What about the rest of the week? “We are online for two hours per day.”

Separately, though the son may not have learned much academic content since March 2020, he is fully educated on Mask and Shutdown Karenhood. He is a big believer in the efficacy of masks for the general public (#Science proves they work; practical trials in the Czech Republic cannot contradict #Science) and is happy to follow the dictates of Governor Cuomo and Dr. Fauci. What’s his personal experience with COVID? After a year of cowering and being masked any time he was outside of the family apartment-bunker… he got COVID. He, his sister, and his mom all had slight cold symptoms (the father had been vaccinated at this point).

Here are some photos from a May 1, 2021 COVID-safe fly-by, up the Hudson River at 1500′ in a friend’s Cirrus SR22T (with A/C!):

#StaySafe everyone!

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  1. Rumor has it that de Blasio has the Concorde on the Intrepid fueled up and prepped for escape at all times.

  2. Bill Gates once tried to stroll into the propellers of the Big Lie. And he got turned into mincemeat, richest man in the world or not. That was the best speech Bill Gates ever gave, by the way. And he died on that hill.

    “This chart takes four different factors and says: “How much do they explain teaching quality.”
    That bottom thing, which says there’s no effect at all, is a Master’s Degree.
    Now, the way the pay system works, is that there are two things that are rewarded. One is seniority, because your pay goes up and you vest in your pension, and the second is, “Giving extra money to people who get their Master’s degree.” But in no way is associated with being a better teacher. ”

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