Our Juneteenth ice cream cake

From the weekend, our Juneteenth ice cream cake:

Togetherness and love for the chocolate and vanilla. Rainbow sprinkles to celebrate all of the varieties of love among humans (including poly!) that we valorize during Pride Month.

Provenance: We invited over an immigrant (from Switzerland) to celebrate National Immigrant Heritage Month (for those who seek to minimize the number of immigrants with whom they interact, Joe Biden says “America is, always has been, and always will be a Nation of immigrants.” (perhaps an unwelcome message for Native Americans!)) and she arrived with this cake in a box.

15 thoughts on “Our Juneteenth ice cream cake

  1. Why don’t Jewish lives matter? The blacks were slaves roughly 200 years ago. They whine so much they get at least 2 federal holidays Juneteenth and MLK day in addition to a history month. There is constant talk of reparations and affirmative action. The jews on the other hand were slaves only 70 years ago. The ones that were not slaves were just put into an oven. In the oppression olympics the jews win every time yet they don’t get anything. There is no holiday for them, no affirmative action. Why is this the case? And no….. I still don’t care about Black Lives Matter.

  2. It would be better if you have posted the picture if the immigrant from Switzerland instead of the picture of half-eaten cake 🙂

    • Joe: I cannot disclose her identity. Imagine if her employer or neighbors here in Maskachusetts found out that she brought her family (including impressionable children!) to the house of a heretic/infidel against the Church of Shutdown.

  3. Did the Swiss immigrant happen to be named “GREENSPUN”? Despite every effort to obfuscate the cake, it obviously said “HELP AMERIKA”

    • lion2: The cake is a dog whistle, in other words? (Except that Mindy the Crippler was not served any, unless you count plates that went through the dishwasher pre-wash cycle (golden retriever tongue applied to plates brought down to her level when placed in the bottom rack).)

  4. Switzerland is among the world’s best places to live measured by GDP per capita, human development index, safety index, social progress, and median income. Yet they’ve got the lowest non-European immigration in Europe. Imagine how much better Switzerland could be if they were enriched by a few million new citizens from Africa and Asia.

  5. One Ikea in Georgia blew it! Despite soul food being served elsewhere on Juneteenth, apparently white people from Sweden cannot serve it to celebrate the Holiday.

    “Look out for a special menu on Saturday which will include: fried chicken, watermelon, mac n cheese, potato salad, collard greens, candied yams.”


    I think we’ll need a Presidential Commission now to develop an official menu.

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