I love AOC even more now

Some folks have harsh words for AOC, plainly America’s greatest living political philosopher. Even if you don’t agree with her economic and social plans for the United States, you will, I hope, agree with me that she is a huge success as an electrical engineer.

The AOC 1601FWUX makes it easy for those fleeing the COVID-plagued Northeast to work from a laptop computer. For only $180, the device doubles the amount of screen space available when working from a laptop. The 15.6″ IPS display gets both power and signal from the laptop’s USB-C port, which means that you don’t need to carry another power brick. It worked immediately with my 2017 Dell XPS 13, which has been a spectacularly crummy laptop in nearly every respect.

The included magnetic stand lets you position this second monitor in either landscape or portrait mode (ideal for reading a PDF while typing at a word processing document on the main laptop screen).

This is the perfect gift for anyone who travels.

Readers: Who has used a similar device? I think that ASUS pioneered the segment, but their current product is compromised in brightness due to a desire to have it work from legacy USB-A ports that can’t supply as much power.


4 thoughts on “I love AOC even more now

  1. That’s a nice monitor. Very slim, and it’s great that the whole thing works off USB-C and good price. I may buy one of them now that you mention it. I’ve had good experiences with most of the ASUS hardware I’ve bought over the years, including an old dual AMD Opteron motherboard from 2005 which is still running despite lots of various abuse and being shocked at least twice through a non-surge-protected power supply (the only thing that ever gave it any grief was the tiny chipset fan, so I bought two more as spares).

    There are a lot of very nice AOC wallpapers that will look great as a background!


    • Just to deconfuse: I generally like ASUS hardware but I wouldn’t try a USB-A monitor. They have to up their game. I don’t know anything about AOC (even their country of origin) but the interwebs say:

      “AOC is the international brand of TPV Technology Limited, a US $ 12 billion Business Conglomerate that was formed in USA and is now based out of Taiwan.”

  2. Portable LCD monitors became a rage in the last 6 months. They used to be $150. The problem is they’re 16:9 while a laptop is normally 16:10. It’s a very wide aspect ratio. They’re better suited as a camera viewfinder but without HDMI are quite difficult to connect to a traditional Japanese camera.

  3. Most of the ASUS staff that I bought is made in China and often easily breaks and in some cases expensive, clunky and requires web kernel installs. Why go through a middleman in Taiwan to by from China? I support Taiwan but I’d rather donated explicitly.

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