Jussie Smollett convicted

A friend texted me that Jussie Smollett had been convicted. I replied “Racism and homophobia in the U.S. are a lot worse than we thought.”

(How can I be sure that Mr. Smollett was innocent and, therefore, convicted unanimously by 12 jurors only because of their racism and homophobia? From our leaders…

The top reply to then-candidate Biden’s tweet:



  • Merry Christmas from the iPhone 12 Pro Max (Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing are leaving the courtroom after arguing on behalf of Donald Trump and they get hit by a taxpayer-funded empty city bus. God meets them at the pearly gates and asks if they have any questions. … )

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  1. Almost every story about a racist noose has turned out to be fake. That should have been the tell.

    • All kidding aside: When will an accounting be done of how much it has cost America to have so many people officially miseducated and indoctrinated by our elite colleges and universities? Do they ever pay any price for what they’ve done? When do we start closing them down?

      I predict this verdict will be a huge boon to many of them – they’ll protest it, they’ll further indoctrinate their students that it was an unjust verdict produced by a racist system, and they’ll continue to make money and ruin people’s minds with it.

      When do we make it stop? How do we make it stop?

      Smolett thought that what he was doing wasn’t just perfectly fine, it was *JUSTICE* and that sentiment is shared by millions of Americans who have spent billions of dollars being indoctrinated by the best college and universities in this country.

      When do we stop the fraud?

    • Re “When will an accounting be done of how much it has cost America to have so many people officially miseducated and indoctrinated by our elite colleges and universities?”

      Never, because who has power to do that accounting ? The left wing politicians are for it (no price too high to have a correctly thinking next generation!), and the right wing ones are fighting a rear-guard action at best, delaying left gains, and can’t roll back left wing strongholds like the universities.

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty if The Party says he’s guilty and Jussie Smollett is innocent if The Party says he’s innocent, don’t you see, Winston?

    • @Bon Ivermectin: Alec Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger, either, and he’s right back in the limelight hosting a Human Rights Award gala.

      The Hollywood Reporter classifies this as “Lifestyle News.”


      “The event, put on by Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, will be hosted by Kerry Kennedy, with Vice President Kamala Harris delivering a virtual keynote address. Stacey Abrams, poet Amanda Gorman, Clearlake Capital Group co-founder José E. Feliciano, Insight Partners managing director Deven Parekh and Verizon chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg will also be honored at the gala, held at New York Hilton Midtown.”

      I wonder if Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg knows who pulled the trigger, because it certainly couldn’t have been Alec Baldwin. He told Chief Justice George Stephanopoulos that it couldn’t have been him. Somebody else did it, and THAT person should be in prison. They killed someone!

    • @Anonymous: I think that pistol is a little too Nick Cage “Face/Off” for Baldwin. But who knows? Face transplantation surgery has reportedly come a long way since 1997, and maybe Alec Baldwin is considering it if his self-initiated trial-by-media somehow goes the wrong way. Since he didn’t pull the trigger or kill anyone, he shouldn’t have any real qualms about borrowing someone else’s face to create a new identity for himself and disappear for a while if his strategy goes to the dogs.

    • @Anonymous: Come to think of it, the armorer on the “Rust” set was the same woman (Hannah Gutierrez-Reed) who reportedly caused Nick Cage to storm off the set of his own movie “The Old Way” back in August, just prior to her joining “Rust” as the armorer for that movie.

      “Cage even walked off set screaming at Gutierrez-Reed after she fired a gun without warning for the second time in three days, the movie’s key grip, Stu Brumbaugh, told the outlet.

      “Make an announcement, you just blew my f—ing eardrums out!” Cage yelled before walking off in a rage, Brumbaugh recalled.”


      So it’s entirely possible that since everyone is trying to get to the bottom of what happened on the “Rust” set via trial-by-media and the Laws of Make Believe, Alec Baldwin could develop an affection for guns like the ones Castor Troy used in “Face/Off.” Anything can happen in the Land of Make Believe, and probably will! In some ways, Make Believe is the only thing that’s real about America, at least where important people are concerned.

  3. Question: How does Kamala Harris handle this? At first, she was 200% behind Smolett, but later she expressed her doubts and Because Smolett’s lawyers intend to appeal, one of them [Nenye Uche] saying:

    “Unfortunately we were facing an uphill battle where Jussie was already tried and convicted in the media and then we had to somehow get the jury to forget or unsee all the news stories that they had been hearing that were negative for the last three years,” Uche told reporters after the verdict.

    Well, some of those News Stories were prompted by Kamala Harris herself when she said on Facebook back in 2019:


    “In a Facebook post on Thursday, Ms. Harris said she was “sad, frustrated and disappointed” by the reports about Mr. Smollett. But other candidates have not publicly revisited their initial views of the case.”

    “But in her Facebook post on Thursday, she said a false claim to the police “not only diverts resources away from serious investigations but it makes it more difficult for other victims of crime to come forward.” She then pivoted to a discussion of hate crimes, citing F.B.I. statistics showing a 17 percent increase last year.

    “Part of the tragedy of this situation is that it distracts from that truth, and has been seized by some who would like to dismiss and downplay the very real problems that we must address,” she said.”

    So she was for him before she was against him! Kamala Harris’ statement of regret prompted at least some of the News Stories that Smolett’s attorneys are now using as their proof that the verdict was wrongly decided. That’s awesome!

    I wonder how everyone is going to finesse that?

    Should they attack Kamala Harris for supporting the racist system that convicted Smolett?
    Should they attack Orange Man for agreeing with Kamala Harris, at least in principle?
    Should they attack the Jury?
    Should they all start new fundraising campaigns?
    Is it time for everyone to revisit the events of January 6th for a few more weeks?

    It’s going to be fun as fun to watch as alligators in a henhouse. I wish I was a White House pool reporter at Kamala Harris’ next presser.

  4. Oh, we’re all for accuracy and correctness here now? I look forward to all the pearl clutching folks here living up to the same standard they’re holding our communist leaders to: refrain from commenting or opining publicly on anything until the investigation and trial are complete. Maybe we need to wait until the appeals are exhausted too, just to be sure. God knows we’re long past racism in this country, and it’s inconceivable there could be any contemporary hate crimes in this day and age. Interesting how the four years of Trump skated right by and no one here seemed to raise an eyebrow to the nonstop bullshittery from that administration.

    • @Senorpablo: I wouldn’t think of holding our communist leaders to any standards – much less the same ones as Alec Baldwin, who decided not just to comment and opine publicly on the gun he was holding and aiming that went off and killed someone with a trigger he never pulled! He got an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC to make his case directly to the public that he’s innocent! He don’t need no ‘stinking court of law or any jury trial or investigation to be completed. He had a human rights award ceremony to host in New York!

      It’s as though he’s *inviting* a trial-by-media, perhaps so that if he is convicted of something, his lawyers can claim that he was tried by the media! I mean, George Stephanopoulos was once White House Communications Director for President Bill Clinton. He’s a big shot, this isn’t some interview with an obscure hometown newspaper reporter. He knows a thing or two about being tried in the media!

    • Philip is guilty of un-American activity remembering what was reported during past news cycles. It is becoming dangerous not to discard not-currently-approved past news down the memory hole.

    • @SenorPablo, what Smollett did is a fine example of someone from the community that is labeling itself as victimhood is taking advantage of the situation and exploiting it for his own advantage. Not only did Smollett broke the law, he has also disgraced the same cause and message that people of color are crying wolf about. What’s even worse, is people higher up, who are suppose to know better are still seeing Smollett as the victim and still supporting him.

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