Will Maskachusetts allow journalists into Camp DeSantis?

The arrival of one million migrants into Texas border towns is a minor issue. On the other hand, the arrival of 50 migrants into an island with vacant houses sufficient to hold 50,000 people (the summer population bump) was a crisis that required calling out the Maskachusetts National Guard. The 50 migrants are now off island in a concentration camp within a military base that is itself within a forest in the middle of Nowheresville, MA. Going forward, the only way that an elite Vineyard resident might encounter a migrant is if his/her/zir/their Gulfstream suffers a double-engine failure and crash-lands in the woods of the Inner Cape. Because the migrants arrived in Massachusetts originally on Air DeSantis, let’s call their final destination Camp DeSantis.

In order to disprove accusations of hypocrisy, if there is any access by journalists to Camp DeSantis, the images and reports will have to show that these are the best cared-for asylum-seekers in the history of humanity. On the other hand, if the Four Seasons-style rooms at Camp DeSantis and three-star catered meals are described and illustrated, people might begin to ask “Why isn’t this infrastructure used to care for the 18,000+ people in Massachusetts who are experiencing homelessness?”

What do readers think? Are we going to see regular reports on The Fifty and how great their lives are, courtesy of the open-hearted migrant-welcoming Democrats of Massachusetts? Something like the Theresienstadt documentary, but broken up into tweets?


  • Progressives in Maine want U.S. to admit more low-skill migrants… (August 2022): …. who will live somewhere other than in Maine.
  • What it takes to welcome refugees and other immigrants (2018): How can a town survive with 10 percent of its population being unskilled unemployed refugees with four kids each? I wonder if the answer is harvesting federal subsidies. Our poorest cities often have sparkling new hospitals, built by mining elderly citizens for Medicare dollars. Could it be that Erie is mining refugees for the Federal Welfare that attaches to them? Each refugee is entitled to housing, health care, and food, all of which will be funded nationally, but purchased in the local economy.
  • “Yes, Florida allocated $12 million to transport migrants out of the state” (CBS): Florida’s Freedom First Budget included $12 million for a program to “transport unauthorized aliens” out of the state, including locations such as Martha’s Vineyard. (in other words, it is not completely fair to credit DeSantis with “Air DeSantis” because the money was appropriated by the legislature)

9 thoughts on “Will Maskachusetts allow journalists into Camp DeSantis?

  1. Mainstream media is not restricted by the truth, they can make up things on the fly without visiting the camp. CNN just released an agitprop piece praising the noble character of MV residents. Basically, their character and compassion are flawless but their hands were tied, so they had to forego the enrichment:

    “They enriched us.” Migrants’ 44-hour visit leaves indelible mark on Martha’s Vineyard.


    • This is the most poignant part of the CNN piece: “Charles Rus, the music director at St. Andrew’s, lives on the upper floor of the parish house where the migrants stayed. He said now the place feels lonely.”

      But unless the migrants are now prisoners within their mainland concentration camp, what stops the now-lonely migrant-welcoming folks on MVY from offering at least one migrant a seasonally vacant room on MVY itself, plus food and a couple of ferry tickets if he/she/ze/they want to return to the mainland to visit fellow migrants? Why do the year-round residents of MVY have to be lonely and migrant-free in the Sept-May off season?

  2. Speaking of Gulfstream jets, why does it make sense to fly them in to my local airport for a software upgrade? Seems like it would be a lot cheaper to buy airline tickets and fly the engineers to the plane, rather then flying the planes to the engineers!




    • JB: That is a great question and, like most stuff that is FAA-regulated, I can’t even imagine what the answer might be. There probably are at least three people involved in every upgrade. One to do it. One to check it. One to sign off the work on behalf of the repair station. Certainly our beloved planet would experience less carbon pollution under the system that you propose.

    • At least two have flown today (Sunday morning!), so the Gulfstream techs are presumably racking up some serious OT doing these bug fixes.

  3. So far today I haven’t been able to see any journalist covering the conditions at Camp DeSantis. However, MSN is reminding me that a famous drag queen collapsed during a performance in Philadelphia this past monday. Not a peep on MSN via Edge about the conditions at Buzzard’s Bay are.

    I said a prayer today for the dearly departed Valencia Prime – no snark – but I would have thought that at least one or two journalists would file a report for MSN on some clickbait website about how the migrants are faring at the military base, for the Sunday talk shows.


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