New York Times: replacement theory is false; it is just that white Americans are becoming a minority

“Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated.” (New York Times, October 23, 2022) is on the evergreen topic of the remarkable stupidity of people who don’t live in New York. The main subject of election fraud is not what struck me, though.

The newspaper that assures us that replacement theory is false, like other “fringe right-wing conspiracy theories”, gleefully points out the Dämmerung der Weißen (the twilight of the whites; see also Götterdämmerung):

The county in recent years has become one of the nation’s most diverse, where the former white majority has fallen to just 30 percent of the population.

A shrinking white share of the population is a hallmark of the congressional districts held by the House Republicans who voted to challenge Mr. Trump’s defeat…

Because they are more vulnerable, disadvantaged or less educated white voters can feel especially endangered by the trend toward a minority majority,…

… the white population of the United States expected within about two decades to lose its majority.

Maybe there could be an opera about this. I would love to see Donald Trump portrayed as a character by the Metropolitan Opera.


14 thoughts on “New York Times: replacement theory is false; it is just that white Americans are becoming a minority

  1. The comments in the NYT section are hilarious. The top comment exemplifies the ruthless neoliberalism exhibited by the laptop class (Mike, take note!):

    “As an employer, who would you rather hire: an immigrant who came here to work and improve their lives, or one of these Trump supporters, who spends all their time sitting around, complaining about unfair everything is to them?

    Choice seems pretty clear to me.”

    (Strangely enough, the actual economic contribution of the laptop class is never subject to any scrutiny. Perhaps the former coal miners should retrain as CRT consultants.)

    • Also according to the NYT, immigration is bad if Black workers are replaced by white immigrants:

      “In the Mississippi Delta, a region of high unemployment and entrenched poverty, the labor mobility that is widening the pool of fieldworkers is having a devastating effect on local workers who are often ill-equipped to compete with the new hires, frequently younger and willing to work longer hours.

      The new competition is upending what for many has been a way of life in the rich farmlands of Mississippi. “It’s like being robbed of your heritage,” Mr. Strong said.”

    • The comments are beautiful. Let’s look at some in descending order of how many “recommend” clicks they got from the righteous.

      “Grievance alone won’t improve these people’s lives. Nowhere in this story do I hear their ideas for meaningful policy change., Meanwhile, Biden actually passed an infrastructure bill.” (Shutting down low-skill immigration is not “meaningful policy change”)

      “I live in NYC. where we have not had a majority population by any one group for probably 20 years, so far. I cannot express how wonderful it is simply to be a human being among other human beings, each with family, and history, and ethnicity we can learn from; sharing recipes and home remedies and a lot of belly laughs. ” (She perhaps owns her Brooklyn townhouse and need not compete with renters.)

      “The only things republicans have done for those left behind is give them a license to hate and to deny facts and science, …” (Science says everyone is better off when 50 million more low-skill immigrants arrive into our welfare state.)

      “I’ve always thought the best American is a New American and they are required to keep the country fresh and new. They revitalize communities and bring new ideas and energy.” (native-born Trump supporters can aspire, therefore, to being “second best Americans”; why doesn’t the NYT gather, translate (since millions don’t speak English), and publish all of the great ideas from the last few million asylum-seekers?)

      Re: the noble Black man…. “…And yet African-Americans endure far greater suffering without betraying democracy.” (George Floyd died for our sins.)

      “A wise person said, when an over-privileged group is forced to share equally with others, it feels like oppression to them. This is the crux of modern American racism, and the primary weapon of the GOP.” (the white working class is “over-privileged” because they enjoy their whiteness while paying 2X the rent that they paid in 2019?)

      “Their America is vanishing because they have voted against their economic interests in order to pursue a backward social agenda. They voted themselves out of the middle class, and now want to blame others.” (It is not mass immigration that lowered these folks’ wages!)

      A reader who thinks like I do: “Why not focus on how many women are upset because their rights to own their own bodies are being trampled on. This article just feeds into the narrative on the right that they are being replaced.” (noting that whites have been replaced “feeds into the narrative” that whites have been replaced)

      A Californian who channels Marie Antoinette: “Embrace the new and different. You get better restaurants” (how many working class whites can afford a restaurant more expensive than McDonald’s on a regular basis?)

      “Maybe these folks now have an idea how the Native Americans felt when white settlers invaded this country.” (And this is an argument in favor of further unrestricted immigration?)

      “My feeling is that people who are refusing to accept the results should not be allowed to run. Period.” (I’ve been saying this for more than a year now. The only way to protect our democracy is to prevent Republicans from running or voting.)

      An elite New Yorker: “A strong argument for universal free college education and increasing economic equality via distributive measures.” (i.e., she’s never seen a non-Ivy League college classroom and what actually happens when people below the 90th percentile of academic inclination are parked there)

      “It appears that there a but few options for life on earth. Stay in a narrow niche, adapt, or die. Adaptation is the best choice. It is tiring to have so much attention paid to people who refuse to adapt.” (i.e., anyone who is not above-average in intelligence and energy, both of which are required to “adapt”, should meekly accept the $1 trillion annual transfer of wealth from working class to elites via low-skill immigration)

      “The less education you have, the more willing you are to listen to what other people are telling you without questioning it.” (it is not that “the less education you have, the more vulnerable you are to competition from 50 million migrants with minimal education”)

    • > As an employer, who would you rather hire: an immigrant who came here to work

      Actual statistics on migrant’s employment (from Europe): “65% of non-European newcomers are on welfare. The median salary after 5 years of those who are employed is $18k euros, with 20% of those working in ‘mini-jobs’ paid by the government.”


  2. Not much has changed since 1976 except for George Lakoff’s linguistic work in Narrative and Framing, which has trained people who speak the same language not to say anything like the same things – even if they’re using the same terms. Saul Steinberg’s poster would have different labels, and the rest of the country west of the Hudson would be full of non-illegal immigrants with a couple of white dots, “Where’s Waldo?” style, wandering around as mean-spirited racist layabouts in MAGA hats with guns.

  3. The fish being gutted on the table are belt fish/cutlass fish/scabbard fish. Big in the Chinese community & sold fresh and frozen in Asian grocers. I hadn’t realized they were caught in the US — thought they were imported from SE Asia. Very tasty — cut through the backbone into 2 inch chunks, Scrape off some of the skin, doesn’t really have scales, and sauté in oil. Serve with lemon. Has a fair number of bones and not for those who prefer their fish bland – like cod, pollock, flounder, sole, trout.

  4. “former white majority has fallen to just 30 percent of the population” Hmm Even Toucan Sam self-identifies as a person of color now? Did NYT get US census data preview from 2030?

    • That was probably tradition innumeracy of NYT. They probably refer to heterosexual white Christian males and assume they were 100% of overall US population back before they went to college.

    • The 30 percent number is for a particular county, not the whole country (one letter difference!). Clearer if you’re a paying subscriber to the World of Truth and read the entire article.

    • Someone said it here before : Thanks you Philip for reading NYT so we do not have to. I believe that most of my brain cells are not fried yet and I even grew some muscle during forced work from home so I am not retrying yet, may return to browsing NYT after senility sets in.

  5. Speaking of “Vanishing” – in the interview I heard last night on “NPR NOW” featuring the who covers the witches in Salem, she opined that the post-industrial hollowing out of old mill towns and manufacturing towns is leading to an uptick in alternative revenue streams and careers like witchcraft. Just get rid of those old, dirty, gritty manufacturing jobs and replace them with potions, spells, paganism and the occult. Where’s Carl Sagan when you need him? Or Neil DeGrasse Tyson, for that matter?

  6. I guess we wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t link to a supporting pieces about the “death cult fascists” that Trump uses “stochastic terrorism” to whip into a frenzy, by one Chauncey de Vega at Salon:

    “One of Trump’s favorite tactics is white victimology. His ability to frighten white people about their personal and collective safety — and to present himself as their protector and savior — is one of his greatest powers.”

    So you’re not being replaced, you’re just becoming a permanent minority, and if that bothers you, you are a member of a fascist death cult being manipulated by Donald Trump to become a fascist terrorist.

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