Who is watching the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate Pride Night?

There’s been some drama around what is supposed to be an event that everyone can agree on. “LA Pride pulls out of Dodgers’ Pride Night after drag nun group is disinvited” (The Guardian):

LA Pride has pulled out of an annual Pride Night hosted by the Dodgers after the team disinvited a non-profit drag group from the event.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Dodgers rescinded an invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a well-known San Francisco order of queer and trans “nuns” that has existed since the 1970s, amid opposition from conservative Catholics. The group, which does does charitable and protest work in addition to its street drag show performances, was set to receive an award during a ceremony before a 16 June game against the San Francisco Giants.

“Given the strong feelings of people who have been offended by the sisters’ inclusion in our evening and in an effort not to distract from the great benefits that we have seen over the years of Pride Night, we are deciding to remove them from this year’s group of honorees,” the Dodgers said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence first appeared in San Francisco in 1979 in the Castro District in the form of three men wearing nun outfits. The group formed in response to the Aids crisis and was among the first to raise money to help care for people with the disease, it said in a statement. Today they fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for underserved grassroots organizations, which in 2020 included grants to legal aid clinics serving LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and an alliance empowering deaf queer people, among others.

The audience for baseball has been shrinking in the U.S. The audience for Pride-related events has been growing. Instead of hoping to get “great benefits” from a token one-night 2SLGBTQQIA+-themed event, maybe the Dodgers could celebrate Pride at every game with new uniforms. Every player could wear this top from Target, for example:

And here are the socks:

Target sells these as part of its “Pride Kids’ & Baby Clothing” collection, but I think they would work well scaled up to adult size for the uniform trousers:

Even with this updated wardrobe to admire, a lot of fans might have trouble getting through 9 innings without being plastered. Target has a beer glass that could be used at the stadium:

(To be filled with Bud Light, of course.)

Readers: Are you watching the Dodgers play this evening? Would you be inclined to watch more baseball if they extended their celebration of Pride to every game? Aside from the above modifications to the uniform and beverage sales, what else should the Dodgers do to show their commitment to Rainbow Flagism?


  • The Dodgers corrected their error within a few days. “Dodgers Reverse Course and Reinvite Group to Pride Night” (NYT, May 22): “The Los Angeles Dodgers, who faced enormous backlash over last week’s choice to disinvite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night, reversed course on Monday. The team apologized to the group and extended a new invitation for it to attend the festivities…”
  • “Target CEO defends LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing amid boycott calls: ‘The right thing for society’” (New York Post, May 23): Target’s top executive dismissed the social media uproar over the retailer’s new line of LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing, saying that marketing the products are good for business and “the right thing for society.” … “I think those are just good business decisions, and it’s the right thing for society, and it’s the great thing for our brand,” Cornell said. “The things we’ve done from a DE&I [diversity, equity, and inclusion] standpoint, it’s adding value,” Cornell said. “It’s helping us drive sales, it’s building greater engagement with both our teams and our guests, and those are just the right things for our business today.” … Cornell added: “I know that focus on diversity and inclusion and equity has fueled much of our growth over the last nine years.”
  • Love Wins at the Florida Walmart (pictures from 2022)
  • Is LGBTQIA the most popular social justice cause because it does not require giving money?

18 thoughts on “Who is watching the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate Pride Night?

  1. Watching a baseball game is less exciting than watching grass grow. But these changes, oh my, could get me interested!

  2. Thank god someone is keeping track of the comings & goings of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence while the rest of us scramble for wealth & power.

  3. So many things to observe this time of year, I am in the middle of preparing to observe Juneteenth — don’t know that I will have time to observe some men ridiculing Catholicism as well. Maybe I will just grab a six pack of Bud and kick back with that, let others do the heavy lifting.

  4. Are you watching the Dodgers play this evening? No.
    Would you be inclined to watch more baseball if they extended their celebration of Pride to every game? No.
    Aside from the above modifications to the uniform and beverage sales, what else should the Dodgers do to show their commitment to Rainbow Flagism? They should let a pack of [Bowdlerized to prevent deplatforming in Google] rape white people.

  5. What was that old saying? Ah, right. Pussymen offend nuns and Christianity, real men, those that have real balls, offend imams and Islam.

  6. “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence first appeared in San Francisco in 1979 in the Castro District in the form of three men wearing nun outfits. The group formed in response to the Aids crisis”

    Prescient of them to form in 1979 in response to the AIDS crisis, 2 years before the first reported case in the US & long before anyone thought it was a crisis.

  7. Target Corp is down 17.5% over the last month.

    Speaking of 2$$LGBTQQIA+, has anyone else noticed that the quality of Gillette blades has gone down even further this year? I used to get 4 comfortable shaves out of them, now it is down to 0.75 shaves. Are they saving on high quality steel due to the manufactured energy crisis?

    I’ll watch the Dodgers if they play in drag costumes and broadcast the result in China.

    • I haven’t bought anything from Gillette since 2019 when I discovered Dorco Pace 7. I did recently try Harry’s, however, because Costco was selling them out front. They were inferior to Dorco and, I’m pretty sure, to the 5-blade Gillette system.

  8. I was at the game…not because of the Sisters, but because I am part of a group that shares season seats, and that’s one of the games I drew. Other than a small protest from a group of morons with nothing better to do, it was a great game that went to extra innings. Sadly, the hated Giants prevailed, but a gay time was had by all. Much ado about absolutely nothing.

    And shame on the Catholics anyway. The way they have treated their real nuns is disgraceful.

    • @Jim, if LA Pride has issues with the Dodgers for disinviting the non-profit drag group, would LA Pride also have issues with the Dodgers if the Dodgers invite an Imam, to spend a few minutes educating the fans about the infidels? Would you and the fans be OK with it?

      The point is, what’s so special about drag or pride to show off their beliefs in public, but is not OK for other groups? And, when was the last time a Pristes, a Rabbi, or an Imam were invited to represent their group at a game? NRA?

      Btw, I concur with you about the Catholic Church’s treatment of nuns and children abuse and the cover-ups. All those involved should be in jail, as they are taking advantage of the weak and the vulnerable. Drag and pride leaders should also be ashamed of themself and be in jail too. They too are taking advantage of the weak and the vulnerable (children who don’t know better yet, parents who don’t know how to protect their children) into this twisted lifestyle of 2SLGBTQQIA+-

    • George, FYI the Dodgers feature a group or person at virtually every home game, sometimes more than one. Your Imam hypothetical falls along the lines of having Charles Manson as a guest…it’s just not happening.

      As for the Sisters, I don’t really care. I just happened to be at the game. And I’m guessing 99.9% of the the over 40,000 in attendance didn’t give a shit either. If people want to make an issue out of it, I don’t give a shit about that either.

    • Jim: I’m shocked that you compare the idea of an Imam educating the baseball rabble regarding the tenets of Islam (the religion of peace and, in fact, “Islam is peace” (see https://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2001/09/20010917-11.html )) to Charles Manson coming back from the dead and talking about his various experiences (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Manson ). In a previous post, you suggesting that you welcomed immigrants only for what they could do for you (work for wages, thereby reducing your cost of hiring labor (though maybe not your overall cost of living if the migrants qualified for public housing, Medicaid, SNAP/EBT, and Obamaphone despite having some wage income)) and that you wouldn’t welcome a migrant family that had no intention of working for the next 4 generations. Now you’re saying that Islam is “less than” Rainbow Flagism?

    • Phil…I’m not saying any of those things…you are. Manson was the other extreme from Islam, but the point is that these groups aren’t “educating” anyone at a baseball game. As I said, I was there just to see a game. I’d bet that very few people (if any) attended just to see the Sisters. Do think Muslims are more accepted than Gays by the swamp rats down in Florida? And California is not the state shanghaiing migrants to other states.

      Where do you stand? Are you accepting of any of these? Or do you just want to stand on the sideline and infer nonsense.

    • I certainly hope that California would have no need of assisting low-skill migrants with transportation to other states and, more importantly, that California would make no effort to persuade any migrant to depart for another state. Californians say that they want to offer sanctuary to all migrants! (though you seem to be hatefully conditioning this on migrants working)

    • @Jim, I’m glad that you don’t care about the Sisters and that you had a blast at the game. Then you must also agree with me that you and 99.9% of the over 40,000 in attendance will also not care if the prolifers are given the opportunity to show a 30 seconds video of an abortion being performed on an unborn fetus, right?

      The whole point is, it is the liberals and the woke who are making an issue out of their agenda by forcing them on everyone else. That’s what is dividing this country, and that’s what got someone like Trump elected as president.

    • @Jim, I should have made it clear that the pro-lifers, by showing the abortion video they ARE educating everyone. You, your family, and the 40,000 fans will leave the game with joy seeing their team win (or not) and learn something about abortion.

  9. > Islam is “less than” Rainbow Flagism?

    It seems to be shaping up that way.

    This might mark an important milestone: peak wokeness. It will occur when the legacy population’s replacements have acquired enough power to begin canceling the wokeness that brought them. Naturally it will happen in different ways and times in different places (you might call it… diversity!). Hamtramck, Michigan, shows the way.

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