New Yorkers buy child care for migrants, then are surprised they can’t buy it for themselves

With some combination of federal, state, and city tax dollars, New Yorkers are buying child care for migrants. From :

This page is a little confusing. It says “the program will help newly arrived asylum seekers.” But newly arrived asylum-seekers are not legally able to work in the U.S. (nytimes). Why aren’t migrants able to take care of their own children if they’re not at work?

After paying federal, state, and city income tax to fund this and other social justice programs, how much do working New Yorkers have left over for their own kids’ care? Not enough, says the NYT… “How Soaring Child Care Costs Are Crushing New Yorkers”:

All but the wealthiest New Yorkers — even the upper middle class and especially mothers — are scrambling to afford care that will allow them to keep their jobs.

A New York City family would have to make more than $300,000 a year to meet the federal standard for affordability — which recommends that child care take up no more than 7 percent of total household income — to pay for just one young child’s care. In reality, a typical city family is spending over a quarter of their income to pay for that care…

What solution does Science offer? What’s not affordable on an individual basis will become inexpensive as soon as it is 100-percent government-funded:

But experts say that none of those efforts have tackled the core issue of extremely low wages for child care employees. Beyond raising pay rates, they said, the city and state could fully fund child care for 3-year-olds, ensure that providers are paid on time and give them more training,

Separately, at a party in Norwalk, Connecticut last month I learned about a consultant paid by NYC parents to help get their kids into the selective preschools (a child who gets into the right preschool is set up to get into the elite elementary school and that sets him/her/zir/them up to get into the elite high school and that, plus a compelling essay on comparative victimhood, sets the child up to get into an elite college). She earns over $1 million per year.

9 thoughts on “New Yorkers buy child care for migrants, then are surprised they can’t buy it for themselves

  1. “Why aren’t migrants able to take care of their own children if they’re not at work?” Because those children cannot be left behind without the educational indoctrination that has to start at the age of 3, for optimum results. The government knows it cannot count on the migrant parents to teach their little ones that now that they have arrived in the land of the free, they can change their gender – courtesy of American taxpayers, denounce their parents to the appropriate services – courtesy of the same taxpayers, and do many other things their opressive parents would never let them do. Hence, they need to be educated by the Party, not by their parents.

  2. “Why aren’t migrants able to take care of their own children if they’re not at work?” – I think providing free child care is a small price to pay to ensure that we raise the new generation of young pioneers. Long Live Lenin, Putin, and Biden-Harris! Oh, and Vinny the Pooh 🙂

  3. Sorry, forgot – and the little rocket man, too 🙂 And all other comrade leaders.

    And I thought I left that crap behind decades ago… Silly me – it’s a déjà vu all over again. Don’t worry Phil – you’ll have some friends who will help you adapt to your new reality 🙂

    • Thanks, Joe. We’re a little bit insulated from this here in Florida. I am fairly sure that Floridians aren’t taxing themselves to pay for child care services consumed by ineligible-to-work migrants (though I guess Joe Biden/Congress may be doing some of this wealth transfer via federal taxation and spending).

  4. How many election cycles do you think it’ll take to ensure that the Tyrant from Tallahassee, the madman from Texas, and all other factioneers are voted out, and the newly elected leaders lock step with the Party line? If Florida were a stock, my hunch would be to short it – or at least hedge yourself in some way if you decide to go long…

    • Joe: Americans in general want a centrally-planned economy, a government that will tell them when they are allowed to leave the house, work, go to school, etc. But Floridians are a skewed sample. Nobody who wanted to be locked down moved here after 2020. Florida is also a bad state for folks who want to enjoy the welfare lifestyle (see ). The traditional flux of Democrats retiring here is gone, I think. We’re informed by the media that undocumented immigrants aren’t moving to Florida because it is too difficult for them to work (illegally). See for example on the dire labor shortage that has resulted (except down near the end of the article the author says “CNN teams reporting in Florida since Idalia hit haven’t observed any worker shortages.”)

      But people are still moving to Florida in significant numbers. At least since 2020, the folks moving here must be Deplorables (all of the above categories of the righteous having stopped). So I think we’re safe for at least a couple of decades. If Florida becomes like Massachusetts, I guess the answer is to move to Estonia (see ). I hope that we have our Portuguese (EU) passports by then!

  5. I never understood the “federal standard for affordability”. According to them if you pay more than 30% of your income on tax you are “rent burdened”. You are not supposed to pay more than 9% of your income on health care. Etc. Etc. If I pay 60% of my income on taxes am I tax burdened?

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